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Police Arrests El Paso Casino Patron, Finds Bag of Fentanyl Pills

Upon arresting the visitor of an El Paso casino, law enforcement found a bag with 900 blue pills, suspected to be fentanyl

It is not uncommon for casinos to become victims of robberies, considering they handle large sums of money, usually in cash. Ensuring the protection of their business and the safety and well-being of their visitors, brick-and-mortar casinos invest heavily in surveillance, security solutions such as metal detecting, software powered by artificial intelligence, as well as casino security officers.

Now, a newly released report reveals that one Las Cruces resident is facing criminal charges over possession of a large quantity of fentanyl pills. The indictment against the suspect, an individual identified with the initials C.J.M., was filed with the US Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas on Wednesday this week, Border Report reveals.

The charges come after the Las Cruces resident was detained late in January at Speaking Rock Casino, a gambling establishment owned by the Tigua Indians of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. The casino is located in El Paso, Texas, and offers electronic bingo machines that resemble slot gambling.

C.J.M. faces charges of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute, along with a charge of possession with intent to distribute. He was detained along with another male identified with the initials J.S., as well as a female with the initials G.R., according to court documents.

Suspect Claims He Found the Drugs on the Floor Next to a Slot Machine

The arrest of the trio follows an investigation by a police officer with the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, the federally recognized Native American tribe and sovereign nation. The officer was patrolling the area on January 24, 2024, along with his police dog. At some point, he was notified by the dog about the presence of drugs. The scent led the canine to the parking lot of the casino where a 2017 Toyota was parked.

Shining a flashlight through the car window, the police officer saw a handgun located under the front passenger seat along with what appeared to be drug paraphernalia. Reviewing CCTV from the area, the officer was able to identify the three individuals who were subsequently arrested.

Once their whereabouts were known, officers attempted to apprehend the Las Cruces resident. Although the police report did not mention a violent encounter, the suspect initially refused to take his hands out of his pockets. Ultimately, law enforcement forced him to do so and apprehended him.

Surprisingly, a bag with blue pills was sticking out of the suspect’s pocket. Once law enforcement examined the bag, it was uncovered that it contained approximately 900 blue pills, likely fentanyl.

Upon examination of the quantity of drugs uncovered, law enforcement concluded that it was an amount that is consistent with distribution, rather than personal use. Unsurprisingly, the suspect said the drugs law enforcement found on him did not belong to him. Instead, he claimed he found the bag inside the casino, sitting on the floor next to a slot machine.


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