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Police Arrests Armed Suspect at Hard Rock Casino in Sacramento

The 35-year-old, who was detained Saturday, had a firearm, ammunition, tools that can be used for burglary as well as substance suspected to be fentanyl

Casinos across the United States have different rules when it comes to carrying a gun. While some may totally prohibit any weapons, including handguns, others may allow permit holders of concealed carry handguns to have them in possession.

Generally speaking, due to the sensitive cash transactions that casinos carry out, along with increased security, handguns do not have a place on the casino floor unless in the hands of security or law enforcement. Yet not everyone abides by the rules which is precisely the case of one 35-year-old visitor of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento in Wheatland, California.

Last weekend, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call at the Hard Rock Casino after a young male was seen carrying a firearm. The incident dates back to Saturday and once police arrived at the casino, the suspect was quickly identified and apprehended.

Suspect Booked in on Multiple Charges

A statement released by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department identifies the suspect as a 35-year-old male with the initials C.C. Upon his arrest, police uncovered that the person had a firearm, drugs and lots of ammunition. Law enforcement’s report released a picture of the seized firearm which appeared to be a Smith & Wesson M&P40 with a couple of extended and three standard-size magazines. Additionally, the 35-year-old carried burglary tools.

According to law enforcement, the apprehended individual had more than 64 grams of a substance that is suspected to be fentanyl. Across the country, the synthetic opioid drug fentanyl has taken the lives of many people. While the drug is approved for treating severe pain in certain states, many of its consumers are unaware they are taking it which in many cases may have a fatal outcome.

The suspect was booked into the Yuba County Jail on charges related to possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, and suspected possession of fentanyl with the purpose of sale, among other charges. There is no data from the recent police report that indicates anyone was injured at the time of the arrest of the 35-year-old male.


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