November 7, 2020 3 min read


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Police Arrest Alleged Casino Money Fraudsters in Macau

Macau’s Judiciary Police has arrested multiple individuals allegedly involved in frauds with casino money and the use of counterfeit currency. Some of the newly apprehended individuals are related to alleged crimes from last year.

Macau’s gaming industry has suffered due to the spread of respiratory disease COVID-19. Regardless of the COVID-19 impact, business is slowly picking up. With that in mind, fraud cases are increasing and the local police are investigating and arresting individuals involved in those illegal activities. On Thursday this week, the Judiciary Police (JP) revealed that it has arrested several people involved in recent frauds. With that in mind, some of the arrested individuals relate to cases that date back to last year.

Earlier this week, a 51-year-old lady was arrested after an incident was reported at a casino. The lady allegedly took $3,900 from a gaming table at the casino. She then reportedly tried to return them when casino employees have identified her and contacted the JP to arrest her.

According to the JC, a China-mainlander was arrested after trying to exchange yuan for Hong Kong dollars (HKD). The 32-year-old man was at a casino while trying to exchange approximately $39,600 in yuan to HKD but he was detained by the casino security.

Last month, the JP arrested an individual for using fake bills in exchange for real money. The man was detained on October 29 after allegedly trying to exchange $12,900 in fake currency for real money.

More Arrests over Alleged Frauds and Robberies

Another case from October involves two people who were arrested over claims about casino robberies dating back to June last year. After the casino operator has received an anonymous letter, the alleged fraudsters were quickly identified by the JP and detained. The duo consisted of a 48-year-old male and a 33-year-old female who allegedly completed six robberies at the same casino. Furthermore, a one-time robbery allegedly took place at another location. Reportedly, the duo took a total of $21,000 from the robberies.

On Tuesday this week, two men were arrested over allegations of scamming a woman out of 500,000 yuan. Allegedly, the two men have scammed a businesswoman in October last year upon playing a game of “show your hand”. Initially, the lady was winning but at some point, she lost 500,000 yuan. She then paid for her loss and returned to the mainland. At some point, the victim realized that she was defrauded and reported the case to Macau police on November 19 last year. The two men were arrested this week, however, the JP investigation is still ongoing.

Another case involves a 33-year-old male was also arrested and accused of fraud by the JP. The man allegedly tried to exchange 617,000 yuan for HKD. The male gave a bag full of money to his victim but the victim did not thoroughly inspect the money. The alleged fraudster had mixed real currency with counterfeit money. Once the JP was contacted, the male was arrested, however, the investigation is still ongoing.


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