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PokerStars to Host Women-Only Online Poker Tournament

A women-only global online poker tournament will take place on the website March 27, 2021, to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Learn the Game of Life by Learning Poker

The free-to-play event is the latest initiative of Poker Powher, a company seeking to teach women executive skills via poker, and World College Poker (WCP), a leading provider of on-site poker education and tournaments.

Poker Powher will also donate a ladies-only poker night as part of the prizes available for the top 9 participants who reach the final table, which will also include a vacation package to Cancun funded by, one-on-one poker lessons with poker pros from Jonathan Little and the head coach of WCP Alex Fitzgerald.

The event will feature poker pros such as Melanie Weisner and Xuan Liu, who, besides commentating, will play the tournament with bounties on their heads. In preparation for the tournament, WCP is launching a poker 101 webinar on its YouTube channel to help prepare candidates to participate in the tournament, which will be streamed on YouTube.

“Poker Powher is committed to helping women stack their skills through teaching and practicing the game of poker. This tournament will bring leading female poker pros and teachers to the table to inspire women everywhere to play this game-changing card game.”

Erin Lydon, Managing Director and General Manager, Poker Powher

Founded in 2020, Poker Powher seeks to educate women on how to succeed professionally by teaching them skills required to win at the poker table, such as strategy, risk-taking, capital allocation, emotions control, and others. Women are 49% of the global workforce, yet hold just 7% of CEO jobs, and the company is looking to “flip the table” and restore the equilibrium, while at the same time teach women how to play the game.

Female Participation in Poker

World College Poker, which organizes free-to-play poker tournaments for college students online, partnered with Poker Powher to increase participation levels from female college students in the game and to make the company the exclusive provider of poker education for women via WCP’s educational website.

“World College Poker is thrilled to work with Poker Powher to expand their reach globally with the upcoming tourney in honor of Women’s History Month. Together, we can flip the table on this male-dominated game and inspire dedicated female players to leave their mark.”

Craig Tapscott, Co-Founder, WCP

For PokerStars, Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director of Consumer Engagement and Public Relations expressed the company’s excitement to take part in empowering women in poker to help more of them get involved in the game.

PokerStars hosted numerous activities for its female community McAdam Willets continued, outlining the launch of the ‘Our Voice’ initiative to allow women to give feedback on their experience.

“We know there’s an amazing community of women who love poker and we look forward to seeing everyone battling at the tables in conjunction with Poker Powher and World College Poker.”

Rebecca McAdam Willetts, Associate Director, Consumer Engagement and Public Relations, PokerStars

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