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PokerStars Prepares for Full Q3 Launch for New Engine

  • PokerStars has been introducing its new engine, Aurora, gradually across markets
  • The new engine will optimize the functionality of the card room
  • Full launch is anticipated for Q3, 2019, Rasset estimates

PokerStars is preparing for the soft launch of a completely overhauled online software that will add more spiff to an already cutting-edge platform. The company has been rumored to plan a major upgrade since December, 2018, when Pokerfuse first broke the news. Now, there is a little more evidence to back this.

PokerStars to Launch a New Upgraded Software

PokerStars has been known to play fast-and-loose with the many games the company has released recently. Many have called this somewhat redundant, but as it turns out – this has been the card room’s strategy all along.

Play-test different gaming options and introduce innocent tweaks here and there has all been part of project “Aurora”, the new engine that will come with a bevy of fantastic changes, including:

  • High-resolution graphics
  • Table themes
  • Sound effects
  • Interactive features

Even though Pokerfuse has caught a whiff of the developments as early as in December, 2018, PokerStars have steered clear of any big announcements with the sole purpose of keeping things under tight wraps and ensure that they can roll out a streamlined product.

Pokerfuse showcases PokerStars new UFC Spin and Go game based on PokerStars’ Aurora engine.

There has already been an official confirmation coming from PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset who spoke to Poker Industry Pro and elaborated on the changes that are currently afoot.

“While the functional part of this is a bit technical, for our players the improvements will make their experience more interesting with higher resolution, realistic physics, crisp and clean graphics and smoother and more lifelike animations,” Rasset said cited by Pokerfuse.

The Initial Changes Will Be Subtle

All initial changes will be almost imperceptible to players. The changes are a new button here and a different color there so that PokerStars can weave in the alterations effortlessly and without causing any issues for real money players.

Ultimately, Rasset hopes that all changes can just arrive on the platform without actual disruptions to regular play – no unannounced maintenances and so forth. Aurora is not just a spiffier new look for PokerStars’ card room.

PokerStars’ Aurora engine showcased by Pokerfuse. Photo Credit: Pokerfuse

It’s a new “realm of possibilities” Aurora will be much smarter than the current engine, allowing developers to apply changes more rapidly and people to experience the game quicker. If Aurora doesn’t misfire, then PokerStars will be able to push the limits o their offer, by focusing on new formats sooner, Rasset believes.

One of the areas of focus for Rasset, based on his chat with Poker Industry Pro, is to integrate the PokerStars school in the client, allowing people to learn and apply their knowledge immediately.

Complete PokerStars Aurora Rollout

Rasset is not sure when the full roll-out will happen, but it will most likely be gradual, with the new engine replacing the legacy one market-by-market, imperceptibly. A gross estimation puts Aurora ready for a full launch in Q3, 2019, but this timeline is open to changes if the circumstances demand such changes.


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