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Poker Celebrity Dan Bilzerian Scrutinizes Israel in Viral Post

In his post, which has some 2.3 million views and and dozens of anti-Semitic comments as of the time of this writing, the poker professional also explored a number of critiques and conspiracy theories, including ones related to Jeffrey Epstein

Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player and controversial internet celebrity, has harshly criticized the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) lobbying group on X, accusing it of putting Israel’s interests before those of the US. This post comes amid the continued Gaza conflict and a sharp increase in radical opinions on both sides.

The outspoken poker star’s post suggested that the AIPAC lobbying group is swaying the government into prioritizing another country’s interests. AIPAC, for context, is one of the major pro-Israel lobbying groups in America that boasts millions of members.

Bilzerian’s post, however, went beyond criticizing the Zionist organization. In his post, which has some 2.3 million views and and dozens of anti-Semitic comments as of the time of this writing, the poker professional also explored a number of conspiracy theories, including ones related to Jeffrey Epstein.

“The US Is an Occupied Nation,” Bilzerian Says

Epstein, who died in 2019, was a notorious sex offender of Jewish origin. Because of these roots, Bilzerian suggested that Epstein and his criminal operation was, in fact, “an Israeli Mossad op to blackmail US politicians.”

In further critique and conspiracy theory quotation, Bilzerian suggested that the COVID pandemic was a “scam” that got people “poisoned” in order to allow Israeli pharmaceutical corporations to make money.

Bilzerian concluded his post by saying that the United States is an “occupied nation.”

The Gaza Conflict Continues to Divide People

This is not the first time Bilzerian has criticized Israel’s foreign policy and military efforts. Last year, he released a poll asking his followers on X whether they believe that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are justified or “fucked up.” Almost 67% of his followers were in favor of the latter option.

The polarizing conflict in Gaza has, unfortunately, divided many people with some acknowledging Israel’s right to retaliate to terrorism and others slamming the country’s strikes, which have, in some cases, affected civilian populations. This has sparked a rise in demagoguery, deepening the rift between different-minded people.

In any case, Bilzerian is no stranger to being criticized either, with some slamming him as a poser. While the poker professional claims that his wealth comes from high-stakes poker games, certain reports suggest that some of it is actually from a trust fund set up by his business-savvy father.  


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