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PointsBet Unveils a New Sports Betting Newspaper

PointsBet, a global Melbourne-headquartered sports betting operator, has teamed up with multiplatform media brand Front Office Sports for a new initiative. The two parties will launch a new sports newspaper that targets the sports wagering demographic.

PointsBet and Front Office to Launch a Sports Betting Newspaper

The sports betting newspaper will replace the one PointsBet currently distributes to its customers. The new one will be more heavily focused on the betting part of sports and will include intricate wagering tips that sports enthusiasts can use.

PointsBet’s sports betting newspaper will have three weekly issues at first. The operator and Front Office Sports hope to add two more within the next few months, bringing the total issues to five a week.

The content will be created by Front Office Sports’ state-of-the-art studio with Teddy Greenstein, editor at PointsBet, guiding the process. The Australian operator will send out the new issues via email to an audience of over a million people.

The Operator Hopes to Attract More Bettors Towards Its Platform

PointsBet hopes that the new sports betting newspaper will engage its existing audience. In addition, the company plans to use the new content as a substitute for some of its marketing campaigns, hoping that new customers will come for the newspaper.

PointsBet noted that digital marketing tends to be very expensive, while not providing anything of value to the end customer. On the contrary, the sports betting newspaper has a lot of information punters would be happy to read.

While the newspaper will be free for PointsBet’s fans, the operator may monetize it with paid sponsorships. However, according to Rick Martira, the gaming company’s executive vice president of marketing and strategy, this will only happen if monetization comes second to the primary objective.

PointsBet’s Business Continues to Impress

A month ago, PointsBet posted its financial results for FY 2022. In Q4, the company’s revenues continued to increase, complementing the results from the first three quarters. Revenues for the three months ended on June 30 exceeded last year’s results by 32%. Both PointsBet’s domestic operations and US-facing business saw revenues go up, helping the company cement its position as one of the leading sports betting operators.

PointsBet continues to seek expansion and cover more sports leagues while expanding its global footprint. In July, the operator’s Canada-facing business joined forces with Team Bottcher, a new curling team, and became its official sports betting partner.

Despite its active expansion efforts, PointsBet remains committed to safer gambling. In July, the Australian powerhouse partnered with the NCPG for new gambling research.


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