September 15, 2022 3 min read


PointsBet Releases New ‘Edgy’ Ad Spot at Start of NFL Season

To mark the start of the NFL season in the USA Australia-based international bookmaker PointsBet has released a provocative video ad that has been deemed not fit for TV broadcasting. The original cut of the spot will be available only on PointsBet’s own social media channels.

Who Has Not Placed Bets While Sitting on the Toilet?

PointsBet’s new 30-second-long ad, which is part of the company’s new “Do It Live” campaign, plays around with an everyday moment all people can relate to. Surely in this modern age, everybody who owns a smartphone goes to the toilet with it and uses his or her favorite apps there in a few (or sometimes more) quiet moments.

The ad, which, funnily enough, is called Sanctuary, showcases the ease of use and simplicity of the PointsBet mobile application and its live sports betting features.  PontsBet brand director Josh Powell elaborated on the creative process behind the ad:

We view the bathroom as the ultimate sanctuary where plenty of people leave the world behind, get out their phone, and use the PointsBet app. While our original creative vision was a bit out of the box for broadcast, at the end of the day, whether you want to admit it or not, loads of us have enjoyed the thrill of a cash-out while being king – or queen – of the porcelain.

PontsBet brand director Josh Powell

The ad captures an authentic everyday moment in a single shot without any flashy cuts or graphics. Its simplicity, which corresponds perfectly with the simplicity of the PointsBet app, makes it relatable to all people.

The Difference Between the TV Broadcast Version and the Edgy Original Cut of the PontsBet Ad

The ad has two cuts as the original cut was not seen as appropriate to be aired on TV. So the company made a new one especially for broadcasting.

The difference is the framing. The decent cut made for TV offers a closer shot of the man sitting on the toilet, which makes up for a more discrete and suggestive look into this intimate moment. It is clear that the guy is in the toilet, but only his upper body is in the frame.

The original cut is a wider shot of the same toilet scene. Viewers can see the man’s pants around his ankles. Nothing improper, of course, but PointsBet probably considered this as an inappropriate entry into someone’s personal space. Personally, I would hardly call it ‘edgy’ but there are different propriety standards for broadcast networks.

The original cut can be seen on PointsBet social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and also on the PointsBet app. The cut made for TV will be broadcast on all of NBC’s network and digital channels, including local channels in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.


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