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PointsBet Hit with Fine in New Jersey over Betting Breaches

The operator reportedly breached the betting rules on three separate occasions in the last few years, resulting in a $25,000 monetary penalty

Gambling regulators across the United States constantly monitor their respective markets, ensuring that licensed casinos, online gambling and betting operators adhere to the established regulations. Whenever breaches are uncovered, usually, a fine may be imposed. However, in more severe cases, gambling regulators can also consider license revocation.

One sports betting operator that was recently impacted by a fine in New Jersey over regulatory breaches is PointsBet. As reported by The Associated Press, the company received a fine from the gambling regulator in New Jersey, the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), over violations of the established sports betting laws.

The recent report reveals that the monetary penalty against the company was imposed late last month, on August 23, but details from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office were not released publicly before Wednesday this week. Reportedly, PointsBet reached a settlement with the DGE and agreed to pay the fine over three violations of the sports betting regulations.

The Violations Occurred in 2021 and 2022

One of the violations is related to an esports competition dating back to October 29, 2021. At the time, PointsBet offered bets for a League of Legends competition. While the company accepted four bets for that esports competition, one of the participants in one of the teams was 17 years old.

This was in breach of the established regulations that require bets to be placed on individuals with a minimum age of 18. Although PointsBet accepted four bets, totaling $1,225, the company confirmed that those bets were voided. Explaining the violation, the sports betting operator confirmed that it didn’t verify if all participants in the esports competition were aged 18 or older. Still, PointsBet confirmed that it has implemented a procedure that seeks to eliminate such future breaches.

Another breach dates back to August 2021 when PointsBet reportedly accepted pre-game bets for a game that had already started. One sports bettor placed $13,500 in bets, securing $28,275. PointsBet confirmed it uncovered the error, explaining it originated from “an unresolved communication issue” between a third-party data feed provider and the company. The aforementioned bets were voided, the DGE explained.

The last breach involves accepting bets for an ineligible game in New Jersey. This violation dates back to March 25, 2022, when PointsBet accepted two bets for a game with the Saint Peter’s men’s basketball team. The operator accepted two bets, totaling $60 but this tournament was ineligible for wagering in the state. Consequently, both bets were voided, and the sports betting operator explained that this was the result of a human error.


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