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PointsBet Clears Responsible Gambling Council Accreditation

PointsBet, a prominent sportsbook, has received accreditation for its efforts in tackling problem gambling by the Responsible Gambling Council

The distinction is awarded to both PointsBet USA and PointsBet Canada, and it’s granted under the RG Check program which is run by the Council.

PointsBet USA and Canada Win RGC Accreditation

Essentially, the Council is a leading global body that focuses on responsible gambling and acts independently from the gambling industry in issuing accreditations to deserving entities from the sector.

The Council runs unbiased reviews of the services and products offered by both the online and land-based gambling sectors. RG Check is hailed as one of the most comprehensive and rigorous responsible gambling accreditation programs worldwide and is largely seen as a benchmark of excellence that companies aspire to.

RG Check was not developed in a vacuum though, but rather involved a number of gaming providers, a set of stakeholders, and policymakers, along with extensive data and research-driven insight into problem gambling behaviors.

Any accreditation, though, is conducted without any intervention from the industry and held to the robust standards that the Council had set for itself and stakeholders. The Accreditation Panel, which runs the reviews, issues accreditations for a period of three years before a review is triggered again.

This guarantees that recipient stakeholders must remain compliant and uphold responsible gambling standards and wards against complacency in the sector. To be distinguished, companies need to offer a concrete roadmap for implementing responsible gambling codes of practices, but also have a track record proving that they have successfully worked towards tackling gambling-related harm in their own customer bases, and the industry as a whole.

The Accreditation Is Reviewed on a Three-Year Basis

PointsBet USA responsible gambling & CSR manager Teresa Fiore hailed this opportunity and said that the entry into the North American market was an important milestone for the company, as it helped it better understand the needs of players and tailor a responsible gambling strategy that directly addresses player needs, helps educate, protect and support customer bases.

PointsBet Canada VP of legal, compliance & government relations Chantal Cipriano was equally pleased with the development hailing it as a milestone of significant importance. “It is a tremendous honor to receive this recognition and validation of our commitment to player protection from the Responsible Gambling Council,” Cipriano explained.

The brands have gone through a careful review to get there, involving nine hand-picked criteria that give a good read of whether a company truly meets responsible gambling standards. The Council CEO Shelley White hailed the achievements by both PointsBet Canada and PointsBet USA, arguing that the accreditations were a strong sign that PointsBet was firmly committed to protecting and educating players, a swell as minimizing harm.

“RG Check is an invaluable tool for managing risk and monitoring the overall effectiveness of RG programming,” White said, adding that the organization was proud to have PointsBet on board and help.


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