January 19, 2022 3 min read


PointsBet Achieves Zero Suspension on Live Markets During Test Run

PointsBet has announced that it has become the first US sports betting provider to offer sports fans in-play betting opportunities with zero suspensions across spread and moneyline markets during a test run during Saturday’s NBC broadcast of the NFL Wildcard Playoff. The feature was tested during the game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals.

PointsBet Tech Delivers Groundbreaking Live Betting Solution

The company calls this milestone a first-of-its-kind. It has been achieved through the acquisition of Banach Technology, a provider of quantitative trading models that supports pre-game, live, and in-game betting solutions. Banach Technology’s solutions cover the four major American sports and international league plus international soccer.

The acquisition has been pivotal in delivering the latest achievement, but it has also allowed PointsBet to step up its product delivery and the deployment of market-leading models, platforms, and products with, as the company argues, a bigger focus on in-play solutions.

The in-play vertical has become one of the most in-demand solutions that consumers ask for. This comes even though live betting is traditionally linked to a higher entry-level because of the pace of the bets and the overall difficulty to get the outcomes correctly. Not least, often markets would malfunction, and bets will be voided.

However, the activity has directly correlated to better engagement with sports fans, reflecting positively on brands. PointsBet USA CEO Johnny Aitken has welcomed the opportunity to advance this offer. He acknowledged the role Banach Technology’s solutions have played:

“When we acquired Banach Technology, it was with a precise focus to build toward an ‘always on’ in-game betting technology experience at PointsBet. That proprietary technology has been developed quicker than we expected since our acquisition, so we tested it out to its full extremity for an NFL playoff game.”

PointsBet USA CEO Johnny Aitken

No More Suspended Markets in NFL 2022

Thanks to PointsBet’s “OddsFactory” platform, PointsBet has been able to reduce the number of suspended markets by 40%, halved the number of bets rejected because of price changes and suspensions, and increased the overall number of bets cashed out by 60%.

The achievement was similarly welcomed by Mark Hughes, PointsBet’s COO, who argued that the company has been able to deploy the technology faster than expected, and the Saturday events had been a first for the entire industry. Hughes and the team were eager to see if they could run a zero suspension broadcast, which PointsBet will now seek to establish as the norm.

Looking forward, PointsBet will try to deploy its solutions throughout the 2022 NFL season and allow fans to benefit from an elevated live betting experience that may be unmatched for a while, executives argue.


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