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PointsBet Looks into DraftKings’ Acquisition Proposal

The company noted its previous agreement with Fanatics was inferior, giving DraftKings a prime chance of closing the deal

PointsBet Holdings Limited caused a significant upset in the sports betting industry, announcing it would engage with DraftKings regarding the latter’s acquisition proposal. Even though the board urged shareholders to vote in favor of the previous Fanatics deal, this recent news means DraftKings may come out on top.

Nothing is Yet Set in Stone

PointsBet’s sale of its US-facing division continues to make news as industry leaders DraftKings and Fanatics battle it out to acquire the lucrative business. As the Australian-based sportsbook prepared to exit the US market to consolidate its business, it made a $150 million deal with digital sports platform Fanatics. However, a competing offer by DraftKings threatens to undermine that agreement.

According to a recent official update, PointsBet admitted that DraftKings’ $195 million offer was superior, officially entering acquisition talks with the operator. The company noted that its decision did not constitute a binding agreement, adding it would settle on the proposal with the best value for its shareholders, with money representing only part of its consideration.

The Directors of PointsBet have determined that the DraftKings Proposal could reasonably be expected to lead to a Superior Proposal.

PointsBet official update

The company urged its shareholders to vote in favor of the previous Fanatics deal, noting it still represented significant value. However, the outcome will not invalidate the DraftsKing proposal, making a last-minute shift increasingly likely. Should the other company guarantee timely execution and regulatory approval, Fanatics could lose out on a substantial expansion opportunity.

The Extra Cash May Prove a Deciding Factor

Similar upsets are not unexpected in acquisitions of publicly traded companies where shareholder value remains a priority. An extra $45 million represents an enticing offer and may be enough to offset the risk of alienating Fanatics. PointsBet ultimately seeks the best return on its investment as it strengthens its cash reserves and prioritizes its core operations and growth strategies in other markets like Australia.

The significant interest in PointsBet’s US assets is wholly justified. The acquiring company will substantially bolster its market presence through an established customer base and boost its technological capabilities. While Fanatics would benefit more from such a deal, DraftKings can use these assets to consolidate its US leadership position.

As acquisition talks with DraftKings progress, PointsBet must eventually settle on a binding agreement with its chosen partner. Recent updates are likely disheartening for Fanatics, as it will likely lose a valuable opportunity to secure its foothold amidst fierce competition and the ongoing quest for market dominance in the lucrative world of online sports betting.

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