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Plaza Hotel & Casino Celebrates Two Jackpot Hits

In a week, one visitor secured a six-figure prize while another one won $7,721 with a $0.75 bet at the downtown Las Vegas casino

Any jackpot win brings excitement to the lucky few who are able to experience it. While some gamblers may lose thousands without winning a grand prize, others have luck on their side which is why they get the thrill and excitement of going home with a hefty payout. This is precisely the case of one Plaza Hotel & Casino visitor in Las Vegas, who recently collected a six-digit win after gambling at the casino.

The lucky winner, Shawn, whose surname was not disclosed, played Pai Gow poker on Tuesday. Hitting a seven-card straight flush, the lucky gambler secured the game’s progressive jackpot. The grand prize from Pai Gow poker secured by Shawn was $206,589.

In addition, the man won a Fortune Bonus bet, which added an extra $12,500 to the progressive jackpot. Overall, Shawn secured a $219,089 payday after his visit to the popular casino located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

According to FOX5, Shawn is a local player from Las Vegas. After he scored the jackpot from the game, the grand prize was reset to $10,000.

Congratulations to Shawn on his 7-card straight flush on Pai Gow poker for a total progressive hit of $206,589 as well as a Fortune Bonus bet for another $12,500. The total amount of the win was $219,089,

reads a statement released by Plaza Hotel & Casino

More Winners Secure Jackpots

The latest win comes on the heels of another thrilling jackpot drop at Plaza Hotel & Casino. Last week, a visitor of the downtown casino was able to secure a four-figure jackpot after placing a bet that was less than one dollar. At the time, the lucky player hit a $7,721 jackpot with a $0.75 bet. Undoubtedly, the person who won the jackpot will never forget this visit.

Earlier this month, a young person celebrated his 21st birthday and was able to score a whopping win of nearly $363,000 at a Las Vegas casino. The lucky young man visited the LINQ Hotel+ Experience and started gambling shortly after turning 21.

To his surprise, after 30 minutes, the young man secured a $362,640 MEGA Progressive jackpot from playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em, local media reported at the time.


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