Playstudios Agrees to Acquire Brainium for $70M

The leading developer of free-to-play mobile and social games, Playstudios, announced a new acquisition Thursday.

Playstudios Expands Portfolio, Acquires Brainium

The company unveiled it acquired the leading mobile game developer, Brainium. The cost of the new deal has a price tag of $70 million. With that in mind, the amount is contingent on different performance targets for Brainium set between the closing of the acquisition and December 31, 2022. Thanks to the recent acquisition, Playstudios expands its already rich portfolio of content by adding popular casual games to its best-in-class portfolio. As a result, casual games such as Sudoku, Solitaire and Spider Solitaire will be added to Playstudios’ portfolio

While the acquisition expands the content of the leading developer, it also boosts the number of average daily users. This will see Playstudios’ more than double its daily active customers. According to the company, this will increase the appeal to its playAWARDS platform and expand its reach. Currently, Playstudios’ mobile app is available for download for Android, iOS, Kindle and Facebook. It offers entertaining content that includes titles such as MGM Slots Live, myVEGAS Bingo, POP! Slots, myVEGAS Slots, and Tetris, among other popular games.

The Collaboration Will Help Playstudios Grow Further

Scott Willoughby, Brainium’s chief operating officer, revealed that the new acquisition will help the studio on its way to further growth. He explained that Brainium is looking forward to teaming up with Playstudios’ team of experts and boosting the company’s growth.

We look forward to joining their talented team, leveraging their vast strategic resources, and offering the unique playAWARDS platform to Brainum’s loyal player base.

Scott Willoughby, chief operating officer at Brainium Studios

It was back in 2008 when Brainium was first founded. Since then, the studio expanded its presence significantly and proved to be a developer that delivers entertaining content that helps retain customers and deliver profitability. Currently, the studio has 10 game titles that are enjoyed daily by 2 million active users.

We look forward to welcoming the Brainium team and working together to fully leverage our combined strengths in order to put real-world rewards in the hands of significantly more players.

Andrew Pascal, CEO and founder of Playstudios

According to Playstudios’ CEO and founder, Andrew Pascal, the acquisition expands the company’s content by adding casual games to its offering. He added that the takeover is expected to also boost the company’s advertising revenue. Last but not least, Pascal said that Playstudios is looking forward to collaborating with Brainium’s team and delivering unique experiences for millions of players.

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