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PlayJeux’s Multiplayer Games Join Light & Wonder’s OpenGaming

Light & Wonder has signed an exclusive partnership with platform provider and iGaming content creator, PlayJeux. The new partnership will see the latter company’s content added to Light & Wonder’s OpenGaming ecosystem of iGaming solutions.

Light & Wonder Doubles Down on Multiplier Games with PlayJeux

PlayJeux is based in Montreal, Quebec, and it’s a supplier of next-generation solutions for the iGaming sector. The company focuses heavily on multiplayer gaming experiences, which is aligned with the growing demand for this segment. There is also a strong social element to the games offered by PlayJeux which is precisely what makes it an appealing product for OpenGaming in the first place.

PlayJeux has worked long and hard to ensure that all of its games have a community-driven aspect to them, which enables players to go ahead and interact with other players as they go along. There are numerous gamification tools that make the experience more personal, fulfilling, and engaging through the smart use of missions, daily rewards, achievements, tournaments, and avatars.

PlayJeux will begin its OpenGaming rollout with a number of pre-select games, including Roulette Wheel of Thunder, Blackjack Royal Poker, and Blackjack Royal Pairs, to name just a few. However, more content will be forthcoming in the next months, both companies have confirmed. OpenGaming’s powerful aggregation qualities and geographical reach will prove a true way for PlayJeux to step up its offer.

PlayJeux co-founder and CEO Tony Plaskow welcomed the opportunity to be joining the OpenGaming ecosystem and said that the company is poised to benefit from Light & Wonder’s unique technological proposition. PlayJeux co-founder and CEO Sovanna Phan was similarly stoked about the opportunity and said:

PlayJeux has a global focus for our games and technology, so Light and Wonder, as the widest distributor of interactive games, is a natural partner. We have a shared vision for giving players more enjoyment and a richer, more authentic, gaming experience than current offerings.

PlayJeux co-founder and CEO Sovanna Phan

Interactivity Becomes a Watchword for Content Aggregators

Light & Wonder has a massive reach when it comes to bringing games to the fore for various partners. Company digital partnerships director Steve Mayes was pleased with the new opportunity to enrich the OpenGaming ecosystem with a set of brand-new games that are a worthwhile and important addition to the overall experience and platform proposition. OpenGaming already features more than 3,500 games, but the focus moving forward is to add products that are unique in what they bring to the table, customers, and players.


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