November 29, 2021 3 min read

Planet Sport Launched Its Cross-Sell Solution Planet Vision

Business-to-customer and business-to-business iGaming sports solutions provider Planet Sport has unveiled Planet Vision – a new cross-sell product that will permit operators to add video and live odds streams to their live casinos.

Planet Vision Lets Operators Broadcast Content During Live Games

Planet Sport describes its new product as a scalable and cost-effective platform that is both real-time and easy to use. As a solution, Planet Vision will curate video content from popular broadcasting platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo and RSS, and will allow it to be integrated into any live casino game presentation.

Clients will be able to fully control what is being shown on the screens. Not only will they be able to use premade content that is already available on the broadcasting platforms listed above, but it will also allow betting operators to make and in turn stream their own custom content, tailored to their own player’s needs.

Planet Vision will improve player engagement and retention by allowing operators to easily provide their clients with engaging highlights and sports content, as well as the freshest odds and betting data. Most importantly, Planet Vision users will be able to boost cross-selling between their casino and sportsbook.

Planet Sport Vows to Continue Upgrading the Solution

Dean Rayson, the head of business-to-business betting sales at Planet Sport, has elaborated on the benefits of using Planet Vision.

“Planet Vision offers the ability to stream content for any type of sport the operator wants which means we can deliver different feeds to different territories helping operators localize their live casino products,” he explained

He added that through Planet Vision, operators can “take engagement and session times to new highs and drive casino players to their sportsbooks.” Rayson concluded that Planet Vision is a “game-changing product” that allows for plenty of future development – something that is already on Planet Sport’s to-do list.

The company’s managing director of betting, Mike Grenham, also spoke of Planet Vision’s launch. He revealed that Planet Sport is delighted to finally have this “cutting-edge product” go live. Grenham believes that the solution will work to the benefit of numerous operators who want to “better engage live casino players and drive cross-sell between their casino and sportsbook.”

Grenham is optimistic about Planet Vision’s future development as he revealed that the few sneak peeks Planet Sport provided during recent trade shows have had an incredible reception.

 “Operators can instantly see the added value it provides the player and also how it can help them to unlock even greater LTVs,” Grenham said.


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