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Pixiu Gaming to Step up Accessibility with a New Game

Making a positive change is ingrained into Pixiu Gaming’s philanthropic ethos

Pixiu Gaming, a developer of premium keno content, has unveiled an agreement with a “leading Canadian provincial lottery operator.” The company announced that the deal will see it “drive awareness” of accessible gaming with an accessible slot that will launch in mid-2024.

Pixiu’s corporate culture boasts a focus on allowing disadvantaged people to enjoy its content. The release of the new slot is therefore in line with the company’s “philanthropic ethos.” Seeking to make a positive change, Pixiu also supports charities in partnership with several lottery operators across Canada.

The first ever accessible slot will be supported by a new extensive framework that Pixiu will develop for the occasion. Thanks to this, the company will be able to open up online casino gaming to players with motor disabilities and other challenges.

To overcome the difficulties such people face, Pixiu will introduce solutions that allow casino players to play using a joystick, voice controls or eye motion sensors.  

Pixiu added that its partnering operator is on board with the idea and looking forward to working with the developer. The two parties hope to inspire others to also provide entertainment to people with disabilities.

Pixiu Wants to Make a Change

Edgar Hernández, product specialist at Pixiu Gaming, reflected on his company’s mission, calling the new game a “really important project.” He reiterated his company’s desire to usher in change and make gaming more accessible.

Hernández added that Pixiu’s lottery partner is a “global driving force” in the move to make gaming accessible to those with disabilities. Sharing the same values, the two parties are happy to work on the new game, he added.

The first title will be a fully-featured slot open to all players, irrelevant of their physical limitations, a genuine step-change in the iGaming industry’s ability to reach a wider audience.

Edgar Hernández, product specialist, Pixiu Gaming

Jenny Lu, strategic consultant at Pixiu Gaming, also commented on the matter, saying that her company has been working on this project for some time. She added that accessibility is “baked” into the company culture of Pixiu, which is why the developer will continue working hard on multiple positive change initiatives.

Lu said: “I can’t wait to see the game launch and for it to lead to further progress in the area of accessibility and inclusion.”


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