October 12, 2021 3 min read


Pinnacle Launches New Plug-and-Play “Esports Hub” Solution

Betting operator Pinnacle continues to expand its expertise across the sports and esports gambling sectors with the addition of the Esports Hub, a new product developed by the company’s B2B division, Pinnacle Solution. The Esports Hub is fully focused on the esports experience and delivers a quick and reliable way to track esports content through an optimized user interface and a theme that is based on tailored user feedback.

Building New Revenue Streams for Sportsbook Partners

The Esports Hub will empower live bettors to make better-informed decisions and react in a timely manner thanks to integrated live streams that will come with data-driven scoreboards allowing esports fans to remain aware of what is happening at any point in live esports contests. 

Effectively, the Esports Hub is an optimized way for Pinnacle to display its vast esports offering and deliver it to the end-customer in what the company describes as an increasingly competitive B2C market. It’s similarly an opportunity for partner sportsbooks to integrate the hub into their own offerings. Pinnacle has been on the market for over 11 years, and its esports domain has been one of the leading solutions for esports bettors over the past year.

Pinnacle is the first betting platform to report positive results from operating esports betting products back when the idea of placing wagers on competitive video gaming was seen as a ploy to convert gamers into sports bettors. Pinnacle was among the first to realize that esports is a contained environment that has immense potential.

Creating a Value Added Product in the Esports Ecosystem 

The company’s immense effort and dedication to esports has led to the creation of the Esports Hub, which will serve as an add-on for the existing sportsbook and come with easy integration and flawless execution from a consumer standpoint. 

Pinnacle Solution, as an award-winning B2B division, has been known for repeatedly delivering outstanding results in terms of business reach and driving new revenue, and the Esports Hub is a step in this direction. Welcoming the move at the top, Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith said:

“With the unique position of being the only managed trading service with skin in the esports game, we know first-hand the challenges that operators face. The Esports Hub allows partners to leverage this know-how and deliver their esports customers with an award-winning product designed for their needs.”

Pinnacle CEO Paris Smith

Smith is cognizant of the strength of esports, calling it a “vertical in its own right,” which is the correct attitude towards competitive video gaming. The new B2B tool will allow customers the opportunity to engage with esports in a way that they welcome and that generates additional revenue potential and engagement opportunities for clients. 

Pinnacle claims no exclusivity over the Esports Hub but rather allows any partner to add the solution to its sportsbook operations. 


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