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Phil Ivey Says He’s Reborn, Is He Back to Poker?

In a recent interview, the professional poker player Phil Ivey revealed details about his professional experience and the possibility of returning to poker as a “reborn” player.

The Pro Phil Ivey Says He Is a Reborn Poker Player

It has been a few years since the famous Phil Ivey has been away from the poker scene. However, there have been several interviews with the famous poker player posted in recent weeks on Poker King’s YouTube channel. Phil Ivey’s most recent interview on Poker King with his friend and poker legend Barry Greenstein was posted last week Thursday. In the interview, he said that he may return to the poker scene “as a reborn poker player”. Furthermore, Ivey shared what he thinks about the legend Barry Greenstein, details about professional experience, and more.

It’s almost like poker is a new experience to me… I’m a reborn poker player,

said Phil Ivey in an interview for Poker King

Ivey outlined that he always enjoyed playing poker, but he didn’t have the same passion as the one he had when he was younger. Acknowledging that he may return to poker, Ivey added that this passion is now coming back to him. According to him, this is because he is now more appreciative, grateful and playing more “in the moment” now, than ever.

The Longstanding Friendship between Greenstein and Ivey

Barry Greenstein shared what he thinks of Ivey by saying that Ivey always proved that there is more to him as an “intellectual person and a compassionate person” than what can be seen at first. The legend Mr. Greenstein outlined that Phil Ivey started playing younger than him and they that they are friends.

As a result, Mr. Greenstein said that he never had an “adversarial feeling” towards Ivey. Furthermore, he added: “Phil is a friend for life“. According to the legendary poker pro, the bond that he has with Ivey is one that is going to last.

Responding to Mr. Greenstein’s words, Ivey outlined that he sees the legendary poker player as a very good friend. He added that Mr. Greenstein was always there for him when facing difficult times in poker. Furthermore, he added that he is grateful to have Mr. Greenstein as a friend.

Grinding within a Comfortable Zone Is One Way up

The poker pro Ivey also revealed details from his career as a poker player. He outlined that during the periods when he was “grinding” he didn’t realize he was actually doing it. Instead, on his way up, Ivey was always saving enough to play the limit which he felt “comfortable at“. He acknowledged that grinding at low stakes is fun, especially when you are within your bankroll.

By being within a comfort zone of play, players can also avoid losing a lot of money. Ivey did stress that there are stories of people who lost all of their money by playing poker or gambling so this is something to keep in mind.

Besides his professional career, Ivey shared bits about his personal life. He outlined that he enjoys golfing, yoga, reading, meditating, and spending time with his family. Being involved in various businesses, Ivey said that his newest involvement is with the music industry.


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