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PGCB Shutters Reignmaker by DraftKings in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has confirmed that Reignmakers by DraftKings will no longer be available to Keystone State residents and consumers. The regulator sent a letter to the sportsbook operator last week, notifying it of the decision. With immediate effect, Reignmakers is no longer available to Pennsylvanians who wish to access the service while physically in the state.

The King Is Dead

However, PGCB does not prohibit locals to participate in Reignmakers contests if they do so from other states providing that those states allow Reignmakers to operate. Part of the decision could have to do with DraftKings not filing the proper paperwork with the PGCB, although the decision did not specify.

Reignmakers by DraftKings is a sports betting contest that bears resemblance to fantasy contests and was particularly popular with NFL fans. In fact, the product itself brands itself as the “ultimate fantasy franchise” and uses digital player cards that are licensed by the NFL’s Players Association with contests for participants running up to $1 million.

This comes after more than a year since the product originally launched in the Keystone State. Of course, the fantasy aspect of the product could not be the sole reason why Reignmakers was shut down, and it must do with something specific about the proposition that the PGCB has, upon review, decided against.

The Reignmakers concept makes full good use of NFT cards which can be acquired through starter packs for free and then later acquired through bidding at card auctions or by purchasing new cards from DraftKings’ dedicated secondary marketplace.

 NFT Cards Could Have Been Reignmaker’s Undoing

The waypoints are scored is very similar to traditional fantasy contests which have made the game very popular, not just in Pennsylvania, but in other states where the company has operational licenses and where fantasy contests are in fact admitted.

In putting together a team, players are not restricted in the total amount of money they can spend and there are five tiers to choose from, including Core, Rare, Elite, Legendary, and not least, the namesake Reignmaker. The NFT element may be the aspect that the PGCB does not agree with fully.

For one, state laws dictate that all games must depend on a player’s skill and knowledge. But unlike traditional fantasy contests that can pick any player to add to their team, Reignmaker could expect players to first acquire the cards they can use in their drafts. This is purely speculative, but it seems to make sense.


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