September 29, 2021 3 min read


PFL Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Athletic Sports to Boost Expansion

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has forged a new partnership with Athletic Sports Group and its subsidiary Fight Globe, which will allow the league to accelerate its global expansion and growth. The multi-year deal will focus on securing premium international partnerships that will span the United States and Canada and focus on PFL live events.

The PFL features a regular season, playoffs as well as a World Championship with a solid prize purse, and focuses on original programming, archived content, and numerous fresh upcoming events slated for 2022. The league plans to double its live events in the coming months attempting to tread on competitors’ territory and become one of the leading MMA promotions alongside One Championship and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

According to PFL’s numbers, the league saw an 87% growth gain in average audience during the 2021 playoffs with another 39% in its average audience for the regular season fights. Commenting on the progress so far, PFL CEO Peter Murray welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with the Athletic Sports Group as an opportunity to bring 550 million MMA fans the product they desire.

Experiencing Tremendous Growth and Setting Course for Future

“We look forward to continued growth, delivering the best action in MMA, expanding our event calendar, and bringing content to a greater global audience,” Murray said. Athletic Sports Group has been largely successful in televising and promoting various sporting events, offering large television rights packages and syndication strategies.

Fight Globe is touted as the world’s largest combat sports distributor putting the PFL at a growth trajectory. The subsidiary covers 750 live combat events and ancillary content and has access to 150 markets all over the world. By its own estimates, PFL reaches one billion households globally.

Athletic Sports Group CEO Nino Ockhuysen has welcomed the addition of the PFL with the promotion returning on Wednesday, October 27 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel for the PFL World Championship with a prize purse worth $1 million. The Professional Fighting League has numerous existing partnerships with prominent brands in and around sports betting.

In April, DraftKings has become an official sportsbook and daily fantasy partner for the PFL. As a result, DraftKings has been able to use its SmartCage technology and introduce MMA fans to a variety of unique proposition wagers. The PFL has also been aware of the power of big data and it teamed up with IBM to boosts its ability to collect and leverage real-time data.


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