October 9, 2023 3 min read


PayNearMe Partners with Accertify to Enhance Gaming and Sports Betting Payments

This collaboration aims to provide enhanced security and fraud prevention capabilities for operators, bolstering payment processing security

The dynamic and rapidly evolving world of online gaming and sports betting necessitates continued investment in security and fraud prevention. Recognizing this, PayNearMe, a leading payments platform in the gaming industry, has joined forces with Accertify to integrate advanced fraud protection technology into its platform. This partnership aims to elevate security standards and give operators the tools to protect their platforms from fraud.

This Technology Improves the Complete Gaming Experience

Accertify is renowned for its cutting-edge fraud detection and prevention technology, which utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate potential threats. This collaboration promises several significant benefits for PayNearMe’s sports betting and online casino operators, helping them proactively detect and prevent fraud. Such an approach ensures a safer gaming environment for users, building long-term trust.

Integrating Accertify’s technology should greatly enhance credit and debit card acceptance rates within the US gaming industry and minimize deposit decline rates, reducing friction points in the payment process. PayNearMe Chief Product Officer John Minor noted that the improved security measures would help protect from account takeovers and promotional abuse without unnecessary friction.

PayNearMe and Accertify can now empower our operators to proactively ensure their players are who they say they are via intelligent access to Accertify’s community database.

John Minor, PayNearMe Chief Product Officer 

This high-profile collaboration also includes efficient and accurate player verification tools, ensuring only legitimate users access gaming platforms. These measures complement Accertify’s streamlined player fund withdrawal process, guaranteeing users have a seamless experience from start to finish. Such crucial technology updates will benefit all stakeholders, strengthening the gambling industry’s interconnectivity.

Strong Partnerships Promote Growth and Innovation

Accertify’s platform protects many of the world’s largest brands. The company relies on constant innovation to remain one step ahead of the rapidly evolving gaming landscape, relying on new partnerships to strengthen its market position. Accertify’s recent collaboration with GeoComply demonstrates the merits of such an approach, bolstering the company’s offerings with industry-leading geolocation data.

Partnering with Accertify should significantly bolster PayNearMe’s offering, increasing its attractiveness to operators. June saw the supplier secure $45 million in funding to aid growth, helping it achieve substantial progress. The company more than doubled its electronic payments revenue in the last 18 months, proving the merits of its long-term plans and strategic investments.

Enhancing security, improving payment acceptance rates, and streamlining identity verification and withdrawal processes represents a significant milestone toward elevating the industry’s standards for fraud protection and user experience. The evolving gaming landscape means PayNearMe’s proactive approach should continue to pay dividends, helping the company stay one step ahead of the competition.

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