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Pavilion Payments Reveals iGaming Software Development Kit

The innovative vertically integrated payment provider focusing on the gaming industry has revealed a new iGaming toolkit to be rolled out in several states this summer

Pavilion Payments has confirmed launches in several states of its upcoming iGaming Software Development Kit, which should go live in Indiana, Virginia, Arizona, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania later in 2023.

Elevating the Payment Experience for iGaming Players and Businesses

Thanks to this new tool, partner operators will be able to integrate Pavilion’s VIP Preferred program and introduce even better experiences to their customers quickly and efficiently. Commenting on this new business milestone, Pavilion Payments CEO Christopher Justice said:

The launch of the iGaming SDK reinforces Pavilion Payments’ commitment to providing innovative and user-centric solutions for the igaming industry.

Pavilion Payments CEO Christopher Justice

Justice added that the company was determined to help empower operators by offering them a toolkit that makes it simple to implement the VIP Preferred payment option and enhance player satisfaction, onboarding, and the payment journey as a whole.

This solution is also marked by seamless integration, Justice continued, and it will help “redefine” the gambling experience for both players and operators. The solution has been built so that it’s easily injectable into various platforms’ backends.

The solution further empowers partner operators to manage their funding sources while providing customers with a robust payment gateway that makes it simple to deposit. Further benefits to operators include same-day ACH, credit and debit acceptance, payments in real-time, and risk enhancements, all of which also reflect positively on the overall payment experience for customers at partner operators.

iGaming to Play Increasing Important Role in Company Operations

Pavilion Payments is hoping to offer its technology in 16 additional markets before long, along with at least one new operator partner. The company is similarly focused on the iGaming sector as it sees it as a growing vertical of particular significance. According to the American Gaming Association’s State of the States Report, iGaming reached $1.48 billion in gross revenue in the first quarter of 2023, or up 22.7%.

“Our goal is to empower operators by offering a toolkit that simplifies the implementation of our VIP Preferred payment option, ultimately enhancing player satisfaction and streamlining transactions,” Justice concluded.


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