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Pat McAfee Show Inks a $120M Sponsorship Deal with FanDuel

Pat McAfee, a retired NFL player, and bettor, has hit another significant career achievement. The player-turned-commentator/punter struck a massive sponsorship deal with FanDuel for his radio show on SiriusXM and his YouTube channel focusing on breaking down sports. The Pat McAfee Show will be getting big money that McAfee says he “shouldn’t get” – but hey, the money will go somewhere anyway, right?

Pat McAfee Will Have $120M for Four Years

The $120-million partnership will last four years, and McAfee’s show will receive $30 million per year, as confirmed by Phil Mains, the CEO of Pat McAfee Show, while speaking to Forbes. In a press release, FanDuel also confirmed that the show’s HQ would be moved to the FanDuel Igloo complex in Indiana.

McAfee is a well-respected NFL personality and athlete as he played eight seasons for the Indianapolis Colts, and in 2016, his final year, he led the league with a 49.3-point average per punt. When he decided to retire, he immediately entered the broadcasting sector and worked for Westwood One, ESPN, DAZN, and Fox Sports.

According to Spotrac, he signed contracts that were worth around $19 million during his NFL career. While talking on his show on Thursday, McAfee was fully transparent and stated that the amount that he’s receiving from the deal with FanDuel is ridiculous and someone like him shouldn’t be getting it, but he also stated that he’s aware of the fact that the money “is going to go to somebody.”

McAfee Had Unsuccessful Run With Barstool Sports

After retiring and testing out the broadcasting sector, McAfee joined Barstool Sports in 2016 but left the network in 2018. In a tweet, he stated that the transparency between him and the company became obsolete. Barstool Sports has been relentless recently as the operator launched its sportsbook and casino platforms in New Jersey recently.

McAfee decided to start his own show as the official YouTube channel was established on August 23, 2017, and thanks to his outspoken style and many impressive guest appearances, the show became a favorite among NFL fans. At the moment, the show has over 1.57 million YouTube subscribers, and the daily episodes often exceed 300,000 views. Not only that, but the podcast is ranked 6th on the sports podcast charts by Apple. One of the regular guests there is Aaron Rodgers, who makes weekly appearances.

In other news, the NFL will be “boosted” with NFTs starting in the 2022/2023 season, as one of FanDuel’s biggest US competitors, DraftKings, announced that it came to terms with the NFL Players Association to release special gamified NFTs. The deal was made through NFLPA’s official media business partner, OneTeam Partners. This is not the first time the NFL has dived into the NFT world. Back in November, the league collaborated with Ticketmaster to release team-specific NFT collections.

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