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Pascal Gaming Celebrates Soccer with Champion Challenge

Pascal Gaming, a casino game provider delivering on-demand and compelling gaming solutions, claims to be fully prepared for the World Cup. To back its claim, the company unveiled a brand new solution ahead of the highly-anticipated soccer event.

All Systems Go!

Pascal’s new solution is called Champion Challenge and is a prediction game designed to appeal to fans of professional soccer. It was described as a thrilling solution that will engage sports fans during the upcoming World Cup tournament.

To participate in the Champion Challenge, players need to make predictions on the group stage standings, knockout results and the eventual winner of the World Cup. After filling in all of the required fields, players will enter the game and will receive points for each correct prediction. A live leaderboard will update their score with each passing game.

The challenge was described as a great way for sports enthusiasts to put their sports knowledge and analytical thinking to the test. The more correct answers a person submits, the more points they will get. This will also encourage players to learn more about the participating teams and will help them to better understand the soccer scene. In addition, it is a great way for participants to have fun with their friends and show off their knack for prediction.

Participants must submit their predictions no later than five minutes before the first match of the World Cup kicks in. This means that players should fill in all predictions before 15:45 GTM on November 20 this year.

Pascal Celebrates Soccer

Pascal Gaming said that its intention with Champion Challenge is to celebrate professional soccer and its fans.

Leading up to the most prestigious tournament in the world, Pascal Gaming has decided to gather all enthusiasts to celebrate football in all its manifestations.

Pascal Gaming announcement

The company is certain that Champion Challenge players will delight in the intriguing atmosphere of the new title. Partnering operators, on the other hand, will be able to use the new title to make the most out of the World Cup tournament.

In other news, two weeks ago, Pascal Gaming released another new title called Turbo Belote. The developer’s new game is an iteration of Belote, a beloved classical card game. As the title suggests, Turbo Belote takes the concept of Belote to the extreme and ensures more dynamic experiences.

In September, Pascal Gaming unveiled a new line of innovative and exciting slots, including Jumbo Diamond, Drago flame, Wild Clubs, Big City Bank and Big City Cars.


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