November 26, 2019 3 min read


PartyPoker Relaunches Online Poker App with Social Elements

The newly relaunched mobile app from partypoker features fun social elements.

PartyPoker’s New Mobile App Brings Social Gaming Excitement

The online poker market continues to advance with exciting new developments that aim to provide players with new gaming experiences. To keep players entertained and offer them more ways to enjoy playing poker online, partypoker has relaunched its mobile app.

The new refreshed app from partypoker aims to provide more enjoyment for players with all sorts of new features. Players will be given plenty of new ways to interact with one another, with chat bubbles and emojis.

Sam Trickett recently reviewed the new app. He’s shared his thoughts in the partypoker blog, stating:

“My favourite new feature is throwing things at your opponents, like fish and sharks. I think this adds a social element of fun to the game where you can interact with each other in a light-hearted way.”

Diamonds are a new social currency that will be introduced in the new partypoker mobile app. Whenever you play a hand in the app, you’ll earn Diamonds – but that’s only how it works at the moment. In the future, partypoker will introduce new ways to receive diamonds via mission-style events.

Another interesting element is the “rabbit hunting” feature. Once the hand is over, players can take a look at which cards were dealt. This adds a whole new element of excitement, as players can find out whether or not they made a good fold.

So far, the response has been positive from players. Most of the players who have responded to partypoker’s tweets have praised the new app, which is a great sign. As partypoker continues to add more features to its app, there will certainly be a lot more positive attention from players.

Play in Portrait Mode

The biggest development in the relaunch of partypoker’s mobile app is portrait mode. This will allow players to engage with their favourite poker games with just one hand. It’s not something you see very often in the online poker world, but portrait mode is most popular among mobile gamers.

What’s really interesting about the portrait mode at partypoker’s new mobile app is that you can still multi-table. You can play in up four tables at once, with a preview of all of your hands located along the top of the screen.

We’re very much looking forward to new updates from partypoker, and interesting additions to the app. The brand is on a great path in the social gaming market.


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