November 4, 2019 3 min read


Partypoker MILLIONS Cancelled on Final Day

The return of the partypoker MILLIONS event was supposed to be an exciting time for the site and its players, with a $1 million guarantee up for grabs. Unfortunately, it ended up being somewhat of a disaster, as the tournament had to be cancelled after an entire flight of players were unable to move on to Day 2.

The partypoker  MILLIONS had a unique format, which allowed for four Day 1s. Players were able to enter as many Day 1s as they wanted and they would be able to move into Day 2 with their largest stack.

While it was a great idea that would provide players with more flexibility and a better shot at winning big, the format was also the downfall of the event. When Day 2 began, it was discovered that players who had made it through from the fourth Day 1 weren’t able to continue.

The players who were affected notified partypoker and the tournament was paused. However, the operator could not find a way to add the surviving Day 1D players, and was left with no other option but to cancel the rest of the event.

While it is an unfortunate situation, partypoker has a refund initiative in action. All of the players from the first three Day 1s that busted early on in Day 2 will be able to keep their cashes, while the rest of the players (including those from Day 1D) will split the rest of the $1 million prize pool.

Additionally, all of the players who were affected by the issue will be compensated with another entry into an upcoming partypoker MILLIONS event.

The team at partypoker were as disappointed as players were with the fact that the event could not continue on as planned. They issued an apology across their social media channels to assure players that they would receive their payouts.

“Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. We remain committed to hosting the partypoker MILLION and it will run next week. Please bear with our customer support team who will be, understandably, very busy right now. Payouts will be made as fast as possible.”

– a statement from partypoker

Surely, some players are going to be dubious about entering the tournament next week. However, now that partypoker has recognized the issue in carrying players over to Day 2, the operator will take great care to ensure that nothing of the sort happens in the next partypoker MILLIONS.


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