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ParlayBay to Power TOPsport with Sports Betting Games

ParlayBay – an iGaming startup focused on creating immersive sports betting experiences – will power the Lithuanian sports betting giant TOPsport with its critically-acclaimed sports betting products.

ParlayBay Agrees to Power TOPsport with Games

The agreement will see ParlayBay provide with its full suite of sports betting games. This will include cutting-edge titles such as BOSS, CUT, GEKKO, RUSH and STREAK. The two companies will finish integrating the games into TOPsport’s platform by the end of 2022.

As a result, sports enthusiasts in Lithuania will get to enjoy ParlayBay’s fast-paced titles and take their sports engagement further. This style of games is also known to appeal to young bettors who like games with quick rounds.

In addition, ParlayBay takes inspiration from casino games and adds casino-styled elements to its titles to better appeal to gamblers. This results in exciting and socially-charged experiences that are beloved by new and seasoned gamblers alike. ParlayBay’s goal is to revolutionize sports betting while providing its fans with great and innovative ways to wager.

A Common Passion for Innovation

The new deal is a great opportunity for ParlayBay which has been focused on expanding across the regulated European gambling landscape. Patrick Nordwall, ParlayBay’s chief executive officer, shared he is glad to have his company foray into Lithuania with the help of TOPsport.

Nordwall praised TOPsport for being one of the most popular operators in the European country. He lauded its visionary approach to iGaming and said this mentality is something ParlayBay can get behind. Because of that, Nordwall and his team are delighted to forge an alliance with TOPsport and power its platform with unique sports betting experiences. 

This winter, Lithuanian TOPsport players will be able to experience our outstanding sports betting games and unique player experience.

Patrick Nordwall, CEO, ParlayBay

TOPsport’s chief executive, Dainius Gulbinas, is just as excited to ink this deal with ParlayBay. He said he is looking forward to working with the provider and launching its “pioneering products” on

According to Gulbinas, ParlayBay is an ambitious iGaming company whose offerings are sure to help TOPsport distinguish itself from its competitors. He confirmed Nordwall’s words by saying he is as passionate about innovation as ParlayBay is. Gulbinas finally added that he believes innovation in sports betting is yet to unfold its full potential. Because of that, he is happy to work with ParlayBay towards these new horizons. 


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