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Paf Unveils Remote and Abroad Work Opportunities

Finnish gambling operator Paf has announced remote work opportunities for its employees. Paf employees that can work remotely can choose to do so 100% of the time or part-time, or they can work full-time at the office. The company has also unveiled the option for employees to work abroad for three months per year.

Working Remotely Is a Part of the Future

The outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the way some people work. While some industries were forced to completely shut their doors, many industries shifted their employees to work remotely. Though strange in the beginning, employees got used to the home office, also known as the remote work model.

Now, although more restrictions are being lifted, many companies do not rule out remote work for their employees. One such company is Paf, the money gambling operator based on the Aland Islands in Finland. Paf announced today that working remotely is a part of the future of the company. The company unveiled new guidelines that enable some of its employees to take advantage of working remotely, even after the removal of the pandemic-related restrictions.

Paf Expands Remote Work Opportunities

According to Paf, a sustainable workplace is one of the three key sustainability areas in which the company plans to invest and develop. The “various alternatives to working remotely is part of that investment,” explained Paf. The company added that under the new guidelines, employees, who can work remotely, will have the option to work full time at the office, choose a “hybrid set-up with part-time remote working,” or even choose to work 100% remotely.

Additionally, Paf enabled eligible employees to work abroad for up to three months each year. According to Daniela Johansson, deputy CEO and chief responsibility officer at Paf, employees from other countries will now have the opportunity to work from their home country. Moreover, she didn’t rule out the possibility that employees who are interested to try and work from a country other than their home country could do so. Johansson acknowledged that many future employees may find remote working opportunities attractive.

Remote Working Opportunities to Help Paf’s Employees

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Paf, said on the topic that working remotely is a part of the company’s future. He acknowledged that it is more important that the job is done well, rather than where the employee is sitting. Fahlstedt added that, to get the job done well, the employees need to enjoy their workplace.

Working remotely is a part of the future and something we want to offer our employees going forward.

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO at Paf

Johansson asserted that the balance between work, leisure and family is significantly important for each employee. She outlined that the new guidelines aim at helping employees “find the right balance in their everyday life.”


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