Paddy Power Pays Bets on Abu Dhabi, Drivers Championship Verstappen and Hamilton

Paddy Power has announced that it will be paying on both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to win the F1 World Drivers Championship after a highly contested and dramatic F1 season which finished in Abu Dhabi, with Verstappen dethroning Hamilton.

This was the second time that Verstappen had benefited from decisions made by hosts, once before in the Belgian GP which was ended prematurely, pronouncing Verstappen the winner, because of bad weather conditions, and now with the latest event that permitted the Dutchman to fly past Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

The controversy was rooted in an accident that involved Canadian Nicholas Latifi who crashed his Williams but then did not demand all lapped cars to pass by it prior to returning to racing.

Verstappen used the opportunity to put on a pair of fresh tires and return, which many now ascribe to as what secured his victory while Hamilton was struggling to control his car with the ones he slapped on during his last pit stop.

Hamilton Congratulates Verstappen, Praises Efforts by Mercedes Teammates

Hamilton, though, was not publicly disappointed, even though team Mercedes which he represents said it would contest the matter further.

“I think we did an amazing job this year, with my team. Everyone back at the factory, all the men and women we have, and here, worked so hard this whole year,” visibly composed Hamilton said while congratulating Verstappen on his victory.

Verstappen may have won the championship, but Hamilton didn’t fail to act like a champion himself. Paddy Power, though, seems to be taking the side, at least partially, of Hamilton’s team, as it wants to pay both groups of backers their due.

Whether Mercedes’ appeal holds closer scrutiny doesn’t matter, Paddy Power argues, as to the operator, both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are champions and won the 2021 World Drivers Championship. The payouts will apply both to the individual race in Abu Dhabi as well as the overall competitive season.

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