November 3, 2023 3 min read


Pacheco Casino Staff and Patrons Urged to Test for TB

Public health officials in Contra Costa County have recommended workers and patrons who have spent time at California Grand Casino in the past five years get tested for tuberculosis

A series of concerning genetic test results have recently confirmed 11 cases of tuberculosis in Contra Costa County, California. Ten out of the 11 confirmed cases were genetically linked. 

Also, most of the confirmed cases were related to patrons and employees at California Grand Casino in Contra Costa County, California. The eleventh case has not been tested genetically yet.

As a result, Contra Costa Health (CCH) officials have issued a serious warning to the public, urging anyone who has spent time at the casino located on Pacheco Boulevard in the past five years to get tested for tuberculosis

CCH Has Contacted Over 300 People 

So far, CCH has gotten in touch with over 300 individuals who might have been exposed to active tuberculosis. 

The integrated health system that is serving the people of Contra Costa County has also announced that it was collaborating with the casino’s management toward encouraging staff members to get tested and also to offer health education on the matter. 

According to California Grand Casino’s spokesperson, Becky Warren, their “foremost commitment” was to guarantee the well-being of their patrons and staff members. 

Warren also added that, as per the information provided by Contra Costa Health, none of the associated tuberculosis cases were “currently contagious”, and that they also did not involve their personnel. 

The spokesperson announced that the casino was actively working together with county officials to issue notifications and encourage testing to “uphold public health and safety.”

No Ongoing TB Transmission Sources 

While Contra Costa Health has not found any ongoing sources of tuberculosis transmission at the casino’s card room, testing and raising awareness are essential for the safety of the population. 

Health officials emphasize that testing is the only way of knowing if a person who has been exposed to tuberculosis is infected or not. The public should also know that the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium is capable of living inside someone’s body for a few months or even years without showing any symptoms or causing any noticeable health problems. 

It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of active tuberculosis. These range from weight loss, fever, night sweats, persistent bloody cough, and fatigue.

According to county deputy health officer Dr. Meera Sreenivasan, while tuberculosis is capable of causing serious illness, it is also curable and can be treated with pepper medication, especially when it is caught early.

In January 2022, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency warned about a similar problem connected to a person diagnosed with tuberculosis who had visited Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, CA the previous year. 

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