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PA Betting Services’ Content to Appear on BoscaSports Screens in Europe and North America

The multimedia provider of betting content, PA Betting Services, partners up with BoscaSports. Upon the agreement, BoscaSports’ screens will receive relevant content and instant sports betting updates.

BoscaSports, PA Betting Service to Up-to-Date Betting Content

PA Betting Services and BoscaSports have inked a deal that will bring PA Betting Services’ content to BoscaSports’ partner sportsbooks. PA Betting Services is owned by the London-based company, PA Media, which provides innovative cutting-edge marketing solutions.

Richard Duncan, head of business development, racing and sports betting, and PA Media Group stated that the combination between PA Betting Services’ knowledge and experience and the BoscaSports’ innovative technology will bring a whole new immersive experience to sports fans. He also concluded that this partnership will bring more reach to PA Betting Services but it will also allow retailers to be up to date with everything that is happening in the relevant sports area for them.

The collaboration between the two brands will cover football, greyhound racing, and horse racing. In the future, it may also include golf, tennis, and other sports. With BoscaSports, PA Betting Services will bring fresh, unique content to the European and North American market, including news, ratings, statistics with graphics, upgraded guides, and racecards. The companies have set a goal to develop innovative products together and bring more revenue for retailers through more betting activity.

Eugene Mitchell, chief executive of BoscaSports has stated that this collaboration will put the platform on the global map. PA Betting Services provides exceptional content for a variety of sports and BoscaSports platform’s retailers will now have access to it. The distribution of content will be cost-effective and with innovative features such as automatically translated content like Italian, launched for Italy’s market.

PA Betting Services Provides Cost-Effective Paperless Solutions to the UK Market

The end-to-end solutions offered by PA Betting Services are already provided to independent UK bookmakers and racecourses. But the company seeks productive partnerships to expand locally and internationally.

The collaboration between BoscaSports and PA Betting Services also aims to show the betting industry the benefits of going paperless and the innovative cost-effective solutions that will bring this vision closer. It will also allow local retail shops to publish promotions and unique content.


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