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Oregon Lottery Introduces Taylor Swift-Themed Super Bowl Bets

Oregon Lottery offers Super Bowl bets, including Taylor Swift-themed options, to attract new players and capitalize on the game's popularity

After the Associated Press announced that US sportsbooks were refraining from accepting bets on the possibility of pop icon Taylor Swift showing up at the much-anticipated Super Bowl to show support for boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, Oregon Lottery has exciting news for the Swifties. 

Namely, the lottery has announced a series of engaging, Taylor Swift-themed bets that will be available via their DraftKings Sportsbook for the match-up of the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers

The Taylor Effect 

DraftKings has announced the Taylor Swift songs-related wagers labeled “for the Swifties,” including the “Shake It Off” bet that enables bettors to wager on which of the two teams will score first and the “Wildest Dream” bet calling for boyfriend Kelce to score the game’s first and last touchdown.

This year’s prop bets, which are betting alternatives that fall outside of the standard gameplay, will vary from the team that will win the coin toss to whether a scorigami, which is a never-seen-before score, will be reached.

Other prop bet options will feature the color of the Gatorade that will be poured on the winning coach, the winner of the game’s MVP, or whether the defenses will manage to hold up for a scoreless quarter.

The lottery’s sports betting products manager, Kerry Hemphill, acknowledged the Super Bowl as being the most popular sporting event for wagering in the US.

Hemphill also explained that while the eye-catching fanfare and celebs attending the event usually generate “the most interest in sports betting” the lottery has on record throughout the year, the so-called “Taylor effect” could also generate a new phenomenon. 

Namely, a larger number of casual sports betters might decide to take a chance and have fun this year. 

Impressive Numbers

Oregon Lottery, which debuted sports betting in October 2019, has since wagered a whopping $1.75 billion.

From April 25, 1985 onward, when the lottery started to sell tickets to the public, it earned close to $15.5 billion in funding. 

The money was used for supporting outdoor schools, economic development, state parks, public education, improvements brought to watersheds, and services dedicated to army veterans. 

During last year’s event, Oregon players placed close to 307,000 bets via the same DraftKings Sportsbook. Their wagers totaled $5.3 million

The player who scored the biggest win of the day scooped up more than $21,000 on a single $350 bet.
Earlier this week it was revealed that, according to research completed by Eilers & Krejeck Gaming, this year’s Super Bowl is likely to secure a 1% share of the nation’s overall wagering handle, with projections speaking of $1.25 billion in regulated wagers placed on the game throughout the country.

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