OPTX, Hard Rock Lake Tahoe Team Up to Boost Operational Efficiency

Real-time insights provider OPTX and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Lake Tahoe have entered into a partnership, under which the Las Vegas company will analyze the casino’s data with the aim of streamlining operations.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Lake Tahoe to Understand Better its Clients Through OPTX

OPTX, a tech start-up dedicated to analyzing complex player data to provide real-time insights to casino operators, and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Lake Tahoe have entered into a partnership.

Under the agreement, the Las Vegas-based company will provide operators with a tool, which aims to understand the customers and property better. This way, casinos will get a new perspective of their operations in order to boost their revenue, profitability, and guest satisfaction.

OPTX was created in 2019 by former casino executives and brings together all casino data in a single technology platform. It can be accessed through desktop and mobile applications and provides real-time individualized insights, as well as actionable recommendations for casino operators.

According to OPTX, its platform is a modern tool that helps clients leverage their existing systems to view, analyze and act on data in a more useful manner. The platform uses complex data modeling to enable insights and recommendations for players and venues.

The tool aims to interact with the data of properties and react to their operations in real-time, this way boosting efficiency. The OPTX platform helps casinos engage with players and increase their profits.

Less Time for Data Analysis and More Time for Player Engagement

OPTX makes it possible for casino operators to spend less time gathering data and pay more attention to implementing strategies that drive player engagement, revenue and profitability.

“We’re Thrilled that Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe chose OPTX as the software that is going to help advance their casino operations. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe is in one of the most competitive markets in the gaming industry.

Brooke Fiumara, Co-CEO of OPTX

Fiumara added that Hard Rock will gain a competitive advantage by obtaining OPTX’s real-time player recommendations. Additionally, its AI-driven slot recommendations and operational functionality will give the casino operator the possibility to manage the day-to-day activities in a more efficient way.

Eric Barbaro, Executive Director of Casino Marketing at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe said in a response that the OPTX platform will help the casino’s team increase its operational efficiency. At the same time, the tool will provide the operator with strong insights and actionable recommendations for its casino floor, customers and database.

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