December 21, 2022 3 min read


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OpenBet: World Cup Attracted Record-Breaking Betting Volume

OpenBet posted insightful data about its its performance during the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament. The company saw sports betting volumes go through the roof.

OpenBet, a provider of sportsbook technology, content and services, recorded a record-breaking performance during this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament. As the event progressed and hype was building up, betting volumes skyrocketed.

OpenBet Performed Remarkably

OpenBet reported that its customers processed over 200 million bets across all channels throughout all World Cup matches. This resulted in and overall World Cup handle of more than $2 billion. According to OpenBet, the current results mark a 13% handle increase from the results recorded during the previous World Cup tournament in 2018.

The increased handle demonstrates OpenBet’s strengths as a brand and shows that it continues to be a world leader in sports betting. To celebrate its performance, OpenBet continued by sharing more details about its performance and other World Cup metrics.

The operator emphasized that this year’s global soccer championship was one of the most popular yet, as attested by record viewing figures. OpenBet cited FIFA, which reported that more than 1.5 billion people saw the final which means that a whopping 20% of the entire population on Earth was tuned in for the World Cup’s conclusion.

OpenBet noted that the exciting nature of the Qatar tournament inspired many people to place a wager or two, especially during the final. As reported by the company, almost a third of all bets and around half of all stakes were placed while the final was underway.

The Operator Revealed More Details

OpenBet also shared some additional curious data about the performance of sports betting during the event. It noted that Europe and Canada are regions with increasingly high betting activity as both of them recorded significant engagement increases. Europe and Canada saw engagement levels increase by 22% and 21% respectively.

More than 12 million bets were placed on USA’s World Cup fixtures. Almost half of these wagers were placed on the spectacular game between the United States and England. Matches involving the US team ended up attracting a handle of $100 million, highlighting America’s passion for soccer and sports betting.

OpenBet compared World Cup to another famous sporting event, namely March Madness, noting that betting activity in North America was twice as high during the former championship.

Last but not least, OpenBet noted that its BetBuilder product continues to enjoy strong interest from customers and processed more than 5 times the number of bets that were processed during Euro 2020. The company concluded that half of the BetBuilder stakes came from US bettors.

Readers should also check bet365’s recent statement, where the company shared its experience with World Cup betting.


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