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OneComply and PrintScan Completed Their Integration

OneComply and PrintScan have officially announced that their integration, through which OneComply is able to request PrintScan fingerprints directly from its portal, is completed. The PrintScan fingerprints are part of the business or personal disclosure process.

The Integration Adds Massive Value to New and Existing Clients, According to OneComply’s CEO 

Cameron Conn, OneComply’s CEO and co-founder, spoke on the effect that the integration with PrintScan will have. He stated that the integration will add a lot of value to both new and existing clients. 

Conn also added that the ability to request fingerprints directly from OneComply will provide clients with major efficiency when preparing regulatory submissions. He acknowledged the fact that fingerprint cards are a major pain for the industry and by partnering with PrintScan, OneComply will make the process far easier. 

All license applications require the submission of fingerprints from key personnel. The fingerprints must come from an authorized service. The integration between the two companies allows clients to further automate the license creation and submission processes. 

Thomas Van Schuyler, PrintScan’s CEO, also shared his thoughts on the integration. He stated that by completing the integration with OneComply, the process of biometric fingerprint requirements for license regulations has been simplified. 

He added that fingerprint-based background checks are intensifying and PrintScan has created the VaultID solution. Thanks to VaultID, fingerprints are taken at the company’s Live Scan system and are archived. Schuyler also noted that in order to secure maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the company uses fingerprint printers that are certified by the FBI. 

OneComply Is Looking to Enhance Its Business in the US

Back in April, OneComply secured massive funding thanks to its latest seed financing seed round, which was led by Warner Investments. The company chose not to disclose the exact sum that it managed to earn publicly. It did announce, however, that it will use the money to boost its business and products.

In doing so, it will enhance its solutions and help both online and retail companies stay compliant. Conn shared a few words on the funding round and noted that the money will definitely help the business grow in the US. 

Warner Investments’ Bill Warner stated that the US market has grown extensively in the past period and thus, it became extremely competitive. 

He added that one of the things that companies need to make sure of is that they do not breach local regulations and that is exactly where OneComply steps in to help. OneComply’s services have allowed numerous companies to get in line with the regional regulations and launch in certain markets without breaching the rules. One of the best examples is FansUnite, a company that was assisted by OneComply when it entered the North American market at the start of 2021.

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