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One Day Before Reopening Casinos in Las Vegas, Governor Sisolak Called for The National Guard

While the casino operators in Las Vegas prepare to reopen, there is high chance that both employees and customers will meet troops of the National Guard. The troops will be supporting the local law enforcement authorities.

The Long-Awaited Reopening of Casinos in Nevada Planned for June 4

The casinos in Las Vegas and the state of Nevada were closed mid-March with an order from Governor Steve Sisolak. The stay-at-home order was introduced due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and was aimed at reducing the spread of the virus in the state.

Now, nearly 3 months later, casinos and other “non-essential” businesses are preparing to reopen. In line with the phases announced by the state officials, those businesses were not included in Phase 1 of the state’s plan for business restart. However, back in May, Phase 2 was announced which allows the resuming of operations for movie theaters, pools, water parks, zoos, museums, and other “non-essential” businesses including casinos.

According to the government’s Phase 2 reopening plan, the casinos can return to business as of this Thursday, June 4. Of course ,resuming of operations must be in line with the Nevada Gaming Commission Board (NGCB) guidelines as well as state guidelines.

The Protests in The US Continue, Las Vegas Gaming Industry Might be Affected

The protests in the US started last week, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. According to reports, the man was killed while in police custody. Upon responding to a call in Minneapolis, police arrived on the scene to detain Mr Floyd following an argument. Upon detaining Mr Floyd, the arresting officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, which resulted in his death.

The news for Mr Floyd’s murder quickly sparked protests, initially in Minnesota, but later in other states. Looking at news reports besides the peaceful protesters, there are many instigators that would eventually turn the protests into looting and violent encounters with the local authorities.

This is one of the reasons why Governor Steve Sisolak called for the National Guard in the Silver State. Commenting on the subject the Governor said: “The Guard will not be on the front lines, making arrests or doing crowd control.” He continued by saying that: “Their mission is to act as support personnel and they will focus on protecting critical facilities, preserving public safety, and allowing individuals to exercise their rights to peacefully demonstrate.

In addition to the National Guard assisting the local authorities in the Silver State, Clark County Commission proposed banning of large backpacks and luggage for the protests. This is solely to reduce the risk of protesters bringing large items that can be used as weapons or even weapons to peaceful protests. A similar type of bans was introduced in the past around state holidays where big masses are gathered to celebrate.

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