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Okada Manilla Launches Marketing Campaign to Promote Destination

Okada Manila is determined to promote itself as a regional and international destination for leisure and recreation, with the integrated resort launching a new marketing program

The Philippines-based resort will now promote itself through the “Okada Manila Go” initiative launched to coincide with surging financial performance across the group. Universal Entertainment Corp, the company that owns Okada Manila, saw H1 2023 sales go up by 40.8% to $548 million.

Okada Manila Beckons to Local and International Players

Okada Manila itself hit a 68% increase in sales, reaching $331 million and adjusted EBITDA of $104 million, up 96.2%. This is much better than the results reported at the end of 2022. Okada Manila is not just banking on its casino to bring in crowds, however. The resort is also seeking its food and beverage business pick up with its restaurants proving to be particularly popular in the Philippines and pulling in crowds.

The Okada Manila Go campaign, though, is more geographically focused as it will seek to first incentivize local audiences and focus on gaming, promising members various prizes such as round-trip tickets to Manila, bus tickets, free hotel stays, and more. Commenting on this opportunity, the company said in a press statement that the campaign wants to also raise awareness for the resort beyond its own borders.

This campaign is currently only in the Philippines but is expected to be expanded to include gaming members in other countries too. To bring in more foreign tourists, we will also increase marketing activities in several Asian countries.

Okada Manila is seeking to strengthen its landscape on the one hand while also outlining plans for further digital growth on the other. PIGO, Okada Manila’s online gambling offering, will also be growing over the next years, with the company seeking to grow in this vertical as well.

Growing Beyond the Land-Based Sector

“These activities are steadily increasing gaming demand in areas of the Philippines other than Luzon Island, where Manila is located,” Okada Manila said in a statement. The next steps towards securing stronger business performance will equally focus on expanding the available online casino games.

Okada Manila is not the only business that is interested in exploring online gambling, on top of strengthening its land-based performance. The Philippines as a whole has suggested that it will seek to host a national online casino, Casino Filipino, that will be licensed to operate globally, in what is a first move for a country worldwide.


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