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Ohio’s Casino Revenue Contracts to $196M in May

Casinos and racinos’ betting operations in the month of May took a small hit, with results contracting by 3%

The 11 casinos and racinos that are licensed to operate under a permit from the Ohio Casino Control and Lottery Commission managed to bring in $196 million in May 2023, down from $202 million in May 2022. These figures exclude tax but factor in winnings paid out to gamblers.

Casinos and Racinos in Ohio Contract A Little

Nevertheless, Ohio has been enjoying a stronger gambling year all things considered. When the May results are factored in, the total gambling revenue stands at $1 billion, which is ahead of the $984 million posted through the first five months of 2022. The revenue cited by the regulator is the amount kept by the casinos after winnings have been paid out.

However, the state also applies fees and taxes. Statewide revenue for May for the seven racinos was in fact $115 million before applying these taxes. The amount collected by the state’s four casinos was $80.5 million. Among the properties to see a jump in their overall performance was Miami Valley Gaming which posted $20.2 million in May 2023 compared to $18.99 million in May 2022.

MGM Northfield Park also pulled ahead with $25.62 million in My 2023 compared to $24.37 million in May 2022. Overall, however, most of the properties reported a slight loss in momentum and revenue which is to be expected with the summer lull kicking in.

Challenges That Go Beyond Casino Operations

Ohio has also faced some challenges in fully harnessing its potential. For example, some betting brands have been hit over violations of the “free” and “risk-free” promotions they promoted, a language that is increasingly disappearing from regulated markets across the United States.

But some of the disruptions have also come from external factors –Alabama college baseball games, for example, have been tied to match-fixing, giving casinos and racinos even further trouble.

There have been several big changes in college sports across the country since with coaches fired and the NCAA updating its rules on how athletes ought to be punished if they are ever caught betting in breach of the organization’s rules. Ohio is trying to also patch up some of this declining tax revenue by pitching the idea of increasing the tax on sports gambling.


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