August 31, 2022 3 min read

OddsJam Adds First Members to Advisory Board

OddsJam, a provider of comprehensive odds comparison tools and betting tools, has strengthened its advisory board with two new additions. The experienced Matt Restivo and Noah Szubski will be joining the team and helping the company grow.

Restivo and Szubski Join OddsJam

Both of the new members are experienced sports betting workers who know the industry well. The two of them have previously worked for The Action Network as chief product officer and chief executive officer respectively.

Restivo has years of experience in the sector and has worked for various companies in the sector. He is the co-founder of Lucky Trader, an NFT company that was established this year. Another company he founded is gmoon. Restivo’s prior experiences include two years and a half as GM of Bamtech Media, two years as director of NHL Digital and six years at the leading multinational, multimedia sports entertainment company ESPN.

Szubski, on the other hand, has over a decade of experience as an advisor, investor and executive. He has worked for many notable companies, both within the gambling sector and outside of it. He is currently a strategic advisor and investor at Shift4Digital. Before his time with The Action Network, Szubski held positions at MailOnline, Playboy and BUZZMEDIA among other companies.

Restivo and Szubski are notably the first members of OddsJam’s newly-established advisory board.

The Advisors Will Work Besides the Company’s Founders

In their new position, the two advisors will work with OddsJam’s co-founders, Alex Monahan and Ankit Goyal and help the latter grow the company. Restivo spoke about his new position and revealed that he has been impressed with Monahan and Goyal’s “ability to produce intelligent sports betting.” Restivo noted that the founders’ ability to absorb sports data from sportsbooks in real time is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Szubski, meanwhile, said that he is happy with the opportunity to work with OddsJam’s team and help it grow. He pointed out that the odds company knows how to deal with data and use it to refresh the sports betting sector.

Monahan welcomed the two new members to the advisory team. He noted that their addition will help OddsJam adapt, evolve and answer to consumers’ demands. To this end, OddsJam will continue to engage fans with sports data for punters. Monahan concluded that he believes Restivo and Szubski are great additions that will help OddsJam a lot thanks to their experience in building and developing digital businesses.


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