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Oatbet Secures BtoBet as New Tech Partner for Africa

BtoBet is launching its Neuron 3 platform in partnership with Oat Gaming Network and the latter’s Oatbet sportsbook.

Oat Gaming Network Adds BtoBet as Pivotal Partner for Future Operations

BtoBet has driven another successful industry foray, this time in the Nigerian sports betting space and in a bid to expand its footprint with the help of Oat Gaming Network. The company will now deploy its Neuron 3 sports betting and iGaming solution to power Oat’s sports betting brand.

The partnership was brokered with the aid of STM Gaming, BtoBet’s local partner for Africa, and serves as another opportunity for BtoBet to cement its presence in one of the most promising sports betting regions.

Commenting on this partnership, BtoBet’s chief marketing officer, Sabrina Soldà, said that the company is looking to establish long-term ties with the market and provide Oatbet with the necessary technological solutions to establish it as a leader in the segment and allow it to claim a bigger share of the sports betting vertical in the coming years.

“I am also pleased that our technologies and betting solutions are being so much sought after in such a demanding market, making BtoBet the primary gateway to the market.”

BtoBet’s chief marketing officer, Sabrina Soldà

Focusing on a Tailored Betting and Gaming Product

Neuron 3 will allow Oatbet to focus on a tailored experience that analyzes and delivers successfully on customer needs. The platform has been honed in both domestic and international markets, to provide consumers with the desired solutions and, as a result, Neuron 3 can deliver a range of products beyond regular and in-play markets, extending into the live and interactive casino verticals.

Oatbet COO Ikay Argibe-Osula commented that BtoBet’s already established footprint in Africa and Nigeria makes for an obvious choice in the selection of a worthwhile technological running mate. He had this to add:

“Market knowledge is fundamental for all those operators seeking to further expand their presence in any given market, and this is particularly true when it comes to Africa.”

Oatbet COO Ikay Argibe-Osula

BtoBet will contribute a lot towards Oatbet’s goal of creating a product that delivers a trusted gaming and betting experience. The company ultimately wants to develop a product that provides the most competitive odds and top-grade gaming content.

Thanks to BtoBet’s addition, Ikay Argibe-Osula now hopes to see further improvement in terms of customer experience and the overall quality of the offer.

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