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NY Gambling Regulator Supports NCAA’s Call for Nationwide Prop Bet Ban

The gambling regulator in New York sent a letter to the NCAA, highlighting the ongoing efforts of the Association toward the expansion of the ban on college prop bets

Amid the expansion of sports betting across the United States, prop bets, wagers that allow gamblers to place bets on different parts of a football game or the performance of specific athletes for example, rather than the outcome of the whole game, have been gaining popularity. Besides popularity among bettors, prop bets have gained notoriety, considering the many cases of college athletes who reported online abuse and received threatening messages from disgruntled gamblers.

The negative impact of prop bets has been identified which is why last month, Charlie Baker, NCAA’s president, confirmed the Association’s ongoing efforts toward banning prop bets across the country. While some states have already decided to ban prop bets for college sports, such as Ohio and Maryland, others are yet to implement changes to their betting regulations.

Currently, New York, the largest betting market in the country, has already established robust regulations about sports betting and in fact prohibits prop bets on any college events. Recently, Brian O’Dwyer, the New York State Gaming Commission’s chairman, sent a letter to the NCAA’s president, discussing the proposed prop bet ban on college events.

The chairman acknowledged the efforts of the NCAA toward banning college prop bets, highlighting the increased visibility on the matter. O’Dwyer also praised the tough rules enforced in New York by the gambling regulator, confirming that prop bets on any college events in the state are prohibited.

According to the chairman, this prohibition seeks to “insulate student-athletes from potential harassment regarding their performance.” Moreover, O’Dwyer said that it is pleasing to see that other states follow New York’s example, exploring options for the adoption of similar regulations.

The Regulator Praised NCAA’s Efforts for a Nationwide Expansion of the Prop Bet Ban

The New York State Gaming Commission’s chair added that as the regulator of the largest betting market in the country, the Commission continues to support the prohibition of prop bets. “New York State appreciates your efforts to help implement this important protective measure nationwide,” wrote O’Dwyer in conclusion.

As regulators of the largest sports betting market in the United States, we continue to believe the prohibition of college proposition betting on student-athletes is appropriate.

Brian O’Dwyer, chairman of the New York State Gaming Commission

Earlier this month, New Jersey Sen. Kristin Corrado filed a new proposal, calling for a college prop bet ban. As a result, New Jersey joined the list of states that currently try to ban the popular player-specific proposition bets.


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