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NSW Assembles Panel to Oversee Cashless Gaming Trial

The new panel will include representatives of law enforcement, the gambling industry and health experts along with three independent executive committee members

Amid concerns about the growing impact of problem gambling and gambling harm, lawmakers in New South Wales, Australia, vowed to make changes to the gambling sector. That promise became a centerpiece within the election campaigns earlier this year.

In line with the promise to improve the regulations and reduce gambling harm, the Labor party, the winner of the recent elections within the most-populous Australian state, confirmed plans for a cashless gambling trial for some 500 poker machines. Although the trial was expected to launch starting from July, lawmakers confirmed that an unexpected delay was observed which pushed the start of the gambling trial.

Now, as announced by The Guardian, a new panel is formed that will monitor and guide the cashless gambling trial. The panel will reportedly be led by Michael Foggo, an expert within the gambling vertical with significant experience that was also the commissioner of NSW Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

Led by Foggo, the new panel will have a total of 16 members. Such will include four members with gambling harm reduction experience, as well as four representatives of the gambling industry. Additional members are expected to include two representatives from the academics vertical, a representative of NSW Police, a representative of the United Workers Union, as well as a cybersecurity expert.

In addition to the panel members, Foggo will be one of the three independent executive committee members. Other independent executive committee members will include Niall Blair, NSW Nationals’ ex-deputy leader, as well as Ursula Stephens, an ex-Labor senator.

The independent panel will get straight to work and will meet in the coming weeks to confirm the framework of the cashless gaming trial and recommend an appropriate mix of venues for the trial to the NSW government,

explains Michael Foggo, leader of NSW’s cashless gambling panel

Cashless Gaming Pilot Expected to Launch Soon

Each member of the newly formed panel is expected to play a key role during the 12-month cashless gambling trial. Those members will also spearhead the efforts related to the development of the trial and its launch. Upon completion of the cashless gambling trial, the panel will deliver the findings to the lawmakers.

Given the establishment of the new panel, the cashless gambling trial in NSW is expected to start in the next few months. Chris Minns, NSW’s premier, is expected to appoint the remaining members of the new panel soon. At the same time, the premier has given a deadline for the cashless gambling trial set for November 2024. Until that time, the panel needs to bring the findings of the trial and develop an “evidence-based roadmap” that focuses on upcoming changes to the gambling sector.


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