NSW: Alleged Drug Dealer Cuts off Electronic Bracelet and Vanishes

Police authorities in Sydney are now on a local and international hunt for an alleged drug trafficker who disappeared days after he was granted bail. Although the suspect put up a million-dollar property as surety, he is nowhere to be seen since last week.

Suspected Drug Kingpin Cuts off Electronic Bracelet

Mostafa Baluch, age 33, was arrested back in June this year. Charges against him allege that he conspired to import some 900 kg of cocaine into the country. The street value of that cocaine amounts to some $700 million or more.

Late last month, Baluch was released under bail. The suspect put up a property that cost $4 million as surety. Despite the hefty surety, the suspect cut off his electronic bracelet on October 25, a few days after he was released on bail. Baluch was only one of four suspects who have been arrested as a part of a massive investigation.

Another alleged member of the drug gang Mende Rajkoski was also arrested recently. According to authorities, Rajkoski was seen gambling some $77 million on slots at the Star Casino in Sydney in a single week. Considering his low income and high spending on slots, the police quickly found that he participated in a “transnational organized crime syndicate.”

Baluch Was Released under Bail, but Was He a Flight Risk?

Although the decision to grant bail now looks contradictory, this was not the case back in October. The Sydney Morning Herald revealed earlier this week that Baluch had difficulties accessing his legal counsel to prepare his defense case. Magistrate Michael Crompton spoke to the court on October 21 and revealed that the suspect had difficulties “in terms of access to his counsel and access to the prosecution material.”

With that in mind, Baluch’s actions raised questions on how effective the electronic monitoring system is when it comes to individuals who may be a flight risk. Mark Speakman, NSW’s Attorney General, said during a parliamentary hearing that the current case reaffirms that there is an issue with electronic monitoring for individuals on bail who may be a serious flight risk.  

He acknowledged that once the electronic bracelet was cut, it triggered an alarm that called the police to Baluch’s residence. However, Baluch was nowhere to be found. Although the manhunt continues, it is yet to be determined if the alleged drug dealer has left the country or not.

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