November 24, 2022 3 min read


NSoft Joins Sportradar to Fight against Match-Fixing

Award-winning international supplier of gaming and sports betting software NSoft has become the latest company to join Sportradar’s Integrity Exchange program, strengthening its position against match-fixing in the sports industry. Managing director of Seven Sportsbook at NSoft Robert Matijević described the new partnership as something that will empower them to “take a more active role in the global fight against match-fixing.”

Betting Experiences Should Celebrate Sports

Matijević added that all sports betting experiences should celebrate sports and the performances of sports teams and that it should, therefore, be “free from any possible external interventions” that could alter the results. The MD also explained the necessity for more active participation from all stakeholders including suppliers of betting operations, sports associations, and sports fans and bettors alike.

NSoft has been actively engaged in the sporting landscape since its launch in 2008. The new partnership allows it to reaffirm its stance against all forms of manipulation in sports related to betting.  

A New Weapon in the Fight Against Match-Fixing

Sportradar’s Integrity Exchange Program was launched in April as an information-sharing scheme meant to end the match-fixing phenomena in its tracks. The program is Sportradar’s first official integrity initiative in connection to betting operators. It is free to join and it relies on the company’s 15 years of experience in charging and sanctioning parties guilty of facilitating match-fixing activities.

Sportradar has worked together with more than 150 sports leagues, federations, as well as state authorities, constantly aiming to contribute even more to put an end to the problem. The program lets members use two-way reporting channels when a suspected integrity breach is signaled, rely on data-driven resources and expertise, get in touch with integrity experts and benefit from integrity training. Members will also benefit from annual and quarterly reports on international match-fixing trends and activities, providing them with overviews of all suspicious incidents that had been reported by other members of the same program. Like the rest of the program’s members, NSoft will also benefit from an introductory session followed by yearly training sessions and webinars for their staff. 

The program also allows members to constantly be in touch with a worldwide team consisting of betting experts who can handle all their requests for information. By joining the Sportadar program, NSoft will also bring its own contacts to the team. 

In November, Sportradar won the Data Service Provider of the Year award during the American Gambling Awards, proving its ongoing interest in delivering top content and products that have turned it into one of the most trustworthy providers.

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