June 16, 2022 3 min read


Novomatic Americas Brings Kathleen McLaughlin as VP of Sales and Marketing

NOVOMATIC Americas has finetuned its executive lineup once again with the addition of Kathleen McLaughlin as VP of corporate North American sales and marketing. This appointment reflects the company’s broader ambitions to strengthen its presence in the North American market and create bigger added value for its own operations and customers.

McLaughlin Well-Poised to Boost Novomatic’s Products

McLaughlin, though, brings specific advantages that also dovetail with NOVOMATIC’s hopes to improve its relationship with customers, offer great collaboration and support, and ensure that high-ROI gaming solutions hit the casino floors of its existing partners.

She is not an unknown face in the company either. In fact, McLaughlin has been working with NOVOAMTIC for many years now. She has held important roles such as VP of North American marketing, and VP of North American product management and works directly with NOVOMATIC CEO Rick Meitzler. Commenting on her appointment, Metzler said:

For over five years working with NOVOMATIC Americas, Kathleen has consistently demonstrated creative leadership and success in delivering and growing our North American customer base while supporting the company’s execution against strategic growth initiatives.


In her new duties, McLaughlin will seek to ensure that NOVOMATIC continues to build on successful relationships with corporate clients as she boosts corporate sales.

Working for Years to Realize Present Success

McLaughlin will seek to receive feedback from customers and act on it to improve the overall quality that NOVOMATIC is delivering. McLaughlin herself added:

“We have spent the last five years listening and strategically expanding our product lines, and we are now prepared to execute on business opportunities in both the near and long-term.”

NOVOMATIC Americas VP of Sales and Marketing Kathleen McLaughlin

She will have a lot on her plate, as she will work on the company’s Americas’ National Account, which means multi-site casino operations, mid-to-large commercial entities, and more. Her appointment comes at a time when NOVOMATIC Americas want to leverage its strengths to further its portfolio in the market and use its global expertise.

She is already familiar with the inner workings of the company and will have no problem interacting with relevant parties who can help her advance her mission statement in her current position.

Meitzler is confident that under McLaughlin’s leadership, NOVOMATIC’s existing relationship with the company clients will only improve along with growth in overall sale targets and revenue McLaughlin will be essential to the company achieving its long-term revenue opportunities and realizing better growth.


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