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Norway’s Tough Gambling Rules May Impact Players Outside the Country

The gambling rules may cause friction for users residing in other countries who are using their Norwegian bank accounts to gamble online

Across Europe, gambling regulations vary from one country to another. While there are rules on a European level related to anti-money laundering, for example, other regulations can vary greatly. Some jurisdictions do not allow online gambling operators without a license to offer their services to customers in their respective countries. Others have more lax rules that do not prohibit their residents from accessing a wide range of iGaming options, regardless if the operator holds a license or not.

When it comes to Norway, there are strict rules for online gambling. A gambling monopoly is in charge of the iGaming sector in the country and this results in implications for some of its residents. For example, Norwegians who attempt to access external online gambling websites are not allowed to via a DNS blocking. This restriction effectively prohibits them from accessing such websites and describes a reason why access to the particular iGaming outlet is blocked.

Ultimately, using DNS blocking, the country’s gambling monopoly seeks to channel users toward state-owned gambling outlets such as Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping. This method isn’t uncommon for the sector and in case some users attempt to circumvent the DNS restriction by using online tools such as VPN, which allows them to access websites from different locations around the globe, they may be subject to further restrictions.

Norwegians Living in Other Countries May Face Difficulties When Gambling Online

Under the current gambling monopoly regime in Norway, customers who attempt to gamble at foreign casinos may see their funds frozen by their bank. If banks in Norway identify such transactions, they usually block them. But while this is an effective method to prevent Norwegians from accessing foreign iGaming websites, it impacts people living abroad.

A report released by BNN suggests that the tough restrictions may impact customers outside of Norway. The aforementioned bank blocks may ultimately impact Norwegian residents who no longer reside in the country. For example, if a customer attempts to access an online casino while living in Spain with a bank Norwegian bank account, they may face the same block applied to people who reside in Norway.

This raises concerns about the broader impact of the existing gambling regulations in the European country. At the same time, industry stakeholders such as the European Gaming and Betting Association, have already voiced their support for the establishment of a new licensing system in Norway. If that happens, it would be a major change for the market that is ultimately going to require an overhaul of the regulations as well.


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