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North Carolina Prepares for Legal Sports Betting Launch

The North Carolina Lottery Commission stated that an extra 14 suppliers have received provisional licenses

In a significant move towards the legalization of sports gambling in North Carolina, the oversight panel has granted full approval to two sports betting suppliers. This development comes just ahead of the scheduled launch on March 11, 2024, marking a milestone for the state’s foray into legal sports betting.

Commission Chairman Ripley Rand Applauds Progress in North Carolina

During a meeting of the North Carolina Lottery Commission on February 21, Sterl Carpenter, the commission’s deputy executive director of sports betting, announced that an additional 14 suppliers have been granted provisional licenses to support operators, reported The Center Square

The commission has been actively engaged in conducting meetings with operators to facilitate walk-throughs and certifications on their platforms, a process Carpenter mentioned would continue in the coming weeks.

Chairman Ripley Rand expressed satisfaction with the progress made, highlighting the strides being taken in preparation for the launch of mobile sports betting. Carpenter informed the commission’s Sports Betting Committee about the goal to complete all certifications by the following Friday, enabling certified operators to start registering customers and allowing them to fund their accounts.

Among the notable operators set to go live at the launch are Bet365, ESPN Bet, Fanatics, FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, Underdog Sports, and Caesars

North Carolina Commission Launches Self-Exclusion Program

In addition, the commission, in a unanimous decision, approved a voluntary self-exclusion program. This program, mandated by law, allows individuals to exclude themselves from sports wagering in North Carolina for varying terms, ranging from one to five years or opting for a lifetime ban. 

Sterl Carpenter emphasized the secure provision of this information to all North Carolina sports wagering operators. The commission also approved a range of compliance forms, including a monthly attestation of compliance, an error report form for addressing illegal sports wagers, and an attestation regarding monetary compliance with state reserve requirements.

Notably, the commission also gave the green light to an annual Tribal Gaming Enterprise Agreement for tribal operators, reinforcing inclusivity in the burgeoning industry. Additional approvals covered a complaint and wager dispute process, providing a mechanism for the commission to address complaints not directly resolved with operators. 

The commission also updated prohibitions against Lottery Commission members, employees, immediate family members, and those in leadership and regulatory roles from participating in sports betting.

Chairman Rand conveyed his pride in North Carolina’s ongoing leadership in the adoption of such policies, expressing that he was sure that North Carolina would continue to be a national leader in this regard. 

With the launch date approaching, the state is preparing for a new era in legal sports betting, with expectations of broad participation from both operators and enthusiasts.


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