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North Carolina Bill Proposing Betting Expansion Gains Traction

Although North Carolina offers a few options for retail sports wagering, efforts for a statewide legalization of mobile betting continue

In the years since PASPA was struck down by the US Supreme Court in 2018, different states have gone through the process of legalizing and launching sports betting activities in some form. While many states offer retail, as well as mobile sports wagering, some, such as North Carolina, offer only retail betting options. However, this is likely to change as a proposal in the state is gaining traction and seeks to expand the sports wagering market in the state.

In a vote on Tuesday, House Bill 347 (HB 347), successfully passed the House of Representatives’ Commerce Committee in North Carolina after a vote of 17-10. This doesn’t mean that the proposal is anywhere near becoming law but it marks important progress. Moreover, HB 347 is backed by both Republicans and Democrats, which may help it through the legislative process.

HB 347 proposes an expansion of the sports betting market in the state via the launch of 10 to 12 online sportsbooks. This would enable bettors, age 21 or older, that are located physically within the state borders, to place wagers via computers or mobile devices.

The Bill Proposes Retail Expansion of Betting

Besides online sports betting operators, the proposal calls to introduce retail betting locations near stadiums, arenas or racetracks. Catering to bettors interested in placing wagers on golf, the bill proposes the creation of temporary wagering outlets whenever such tournaments are taking place.

The proposal will likely help create a healthy and competitive sports betting market. Under HB 347, a 14% tax for online sportsbooks would be applied. The proceeds from the tax revenue are expected to contribute to different sports programs throughout the state. Additionally, a part of the proceeds would be directed toward the treatment of problem gambling.

But much like we allow for taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, we can use this revenue from activity that is widely happening in our state for good.

Zack Hawkins, one of the sponsors of HB 347

Rep. Zack Hawkins, one of the sponsors of the new proposal and a supporter of the betting expansion was recently interviewed by the Associated Press. He pointed out that gambling is perceived as a vice which is why opponents of the proposal are against the expansion of betting.

Yet, Hawkins said that there is already betting taking place in different locations and even online, which means that it would be only reasonable to push the expansion and use the tax revenue for good. Finally, he acknowledged that collecting taxes from gambling isn’t any different than the taxes from cigarettes and alcohol.


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