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NordicBet Unveils Makes Sports Bigger Concept and New Brand Identity

NordicBet, the leading sportsbook and casino operator, announced the launch of new brand identity and concept.

NordicBet Introduces New Brand Identity, Concept

The operator announced the launch of a new communication concept called “Makes sports bigger”, as well as a new brand identity today. The new concept is the result of the efforts of the company’s international design and creative hub. Ultimately, the new concept seeks to streamline its “work within brand identity and design across Betssons markets.”

In the Nordics, NordicBet was among the first sports betting operators to offer wagers for other competitions besides the top leagues. As a highly popular brand in the region, it quickly got the attention of sports fans. Now, the new concept and brand identity seeks to further expand the brand’s reach. What’s more, “Makes sports bigger” aims to strengthen the brand’s identity by introducing a cross-market approach.

Celebrating its new concept, NordicBet introduced a new TV commercial. The brand presents the sportsbook as the go-to location for sports fans that are looking for a unique and enhanced experience. Hong Kong, the leading advertising agency, collaborated with the sportsbook to develop the brand’s new concept. Jeppe Ronde, the famous award-winning Danish director also contributed to NordicBet’s new TV ad.

The New Collaboration Will Bring Unique Experiences for Sports Fans

Kay Hook, the director of brand and creative of Betsson Group, commented that many sports fans have their rituals or routines that reaffirm the trust their team will win. He pointed out that those rituals or routines by sports fans are the “starting point for NordicBet’s new campaign.” In conclusion, Hook said: “But we have taken this a little further, adding true feelings, sometimes uncommon rituals and friendships, that Makes sports bigger.”

Like the soccer player, the hockey player or the handball player, many of the supporters and fans have their own routines, or even rituals, which they believe they must do to support their team. It can be wearing the team’s shirt, putting on lucky socks or having the same match day routines; all to support their team and doing whatever it takes to win.

Kay Hook, director of brand and creative at Betsson Group

Ronni Hartvig, Betsson Group’s CCO, added that the new international design hub will boost the company’s marketing efforts in multiple brands while at the same time creating synergies. In conclusion, Hartvig said that the Nordics will be the first market to experience such collaboration but reaffirmed that other markets will follow.


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